Kid Centric Homes

Kid Centric Homes

Raising Happy and Healthy Kids in Ashiana’s Kids-Centric Homes

March 21, 2023 Kid Centric Homes 

  Raising kids in today’s fast-paced world has become increasingly challenging for working parents. With busy schedules and long work hours, it’s becoming harder to spend quality time with children. Moreover, the external environment is becoming increasingly unsafe and unhealthy due
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How Kid Centric Homes Encourage Learning and Creativity in Children

March 15, 2023 Kid Centric Homes 

  Kid Centric Homes are slowly and steadily climbing up on the popularity ladder among parents. In today’s world when in most cases both parents are working, it does get tough to take proper care of children. At the end of the day, we all have to rely on gadgets and activities that can often
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Importance of Playtime for Kids’ Development

March 1, 2023 Kid Centric Homes 

  Earlier days were simpler when children used to play outside a lot whether in the streets or parks or grounds, there was little to no pollution, and kids were safe and secured. With changing times, everything has changed, there’s pollution everywhere in the city, playing in some areas is no
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Bachpan at Ashiana Amarah: Where Childhood Remains Childhood

August 26, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

Amarah by Ashiana Housing is setting new benchmarks in Kid Centric Homes. Located in Sector-93, Gurugram, Amarah is spread over an area of whopping 22 acres and encompasses all the values of Ashiana Kid Centric Homes.   Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Kid Centric Homes in the country and is cur
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New Gurgaon: The Emerging Residential And Commercial Hotspot In NCR

August 21, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

The newly developing sectors and the micro-market in and around-them, altogether make New Gurgaon. Situated along the upcoming Dwarka-Gurgaon expressway, New Gurgaon spans sectors 102 to 113 and sectors 75 to 95 & 95A.   The NH-48 provides great connectivity to this region, located between
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Amarah by Ashiana: Journey of the Playful & Secure Home

August 16, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

We are living in a world where theme projects have become much more popular in due course. Especially Senior Living Homes and Kid Centric Homes are being sought after by many more people now as their advantages begin to surface.   Kid Centric Homes are residential housing projects designed whil
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Amarah by Ashiana: Home for all Special Bonds (Children, Parents & Grandparents)

August 10, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

There are a variety of reasons why there’s been a paradigm shift of buyers and investors from standalone houses to flats in good housing projects. Often than not, standalone houses are costly to set up according to the needs of everyone in the family. Children’s room will require a different kin
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Something for Every Age: A life at Amarah by Ashiana Housing

August 5, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

Gurgaon is the largest IT hub in North India and as a result, the demand for housing projects is always there. Gurgaon is always thriving with people and activity, and due to the majority of the working-class population, it is often referred to as the millennial city.   There are numerous real
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How do homes promote curiosity in Kids’ Learning?

June 28, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

The place that we live in decides our overall personality in more ways than we can possibly imagine. Especially, in the case of growing children, the surroundings affect a lot in their habits, elocution, interests, and overall development.   With the onset of technology and its unchecked involv
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Keeping a Child Engaged at Home, away from the Gadgets

May 31, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

In the so-called ‘Internet-era’ that we live in, it is not an easy task to keep our children away from gadgets. Moreover, most of us are busy with something or the other, and hence we make our children watch tv or play video games, to keep them engaged for longer time intervals.   However g
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Buying a Home suitable for your Kids

May 17, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

House hunting is no easy task, especially when you are a parent. With kids, the requirements from home broaden. It is important to involve your kids in house hunting if they’re grown up enough. If not, make sure to keep certain things in mind that can affect the growth and development of children.
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All you need to know about the Kids friendly homes

May 2, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent and obsessed with gadgets, where we can’t imagine a day without a smartphone or a laptop or both, Kid Centric Homes are a necessary requirement for our growing children.   Some parents use smartphones and/or laptops to teach children or show
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6 Ways How Homes help in the Early Learning Process?

April 28, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

Homes help a lot in the ealy development of children. It is often said that home is the first school! And rightly so, we learn a lot of things at home even before we start going to any kind of school. Be it our first words, or walking, or brushing our teeth, or other daily activities, we all learn t
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7 things every parent should consider for a child before buying a home

February 7, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

Home is the place where children spend most of their time apart from schools. It should not be a place where children are constantly in front of some of the other screens playing games or even studying all the time, rather, it should be a place that is safe and secure for children to play outside an
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Why are Kid Centric Homes not just homes?

January 11, 2022 Kid Centric Homes 

Child Centric Homes or Kid Centric Homes are a relatively new addition to India’s Real Estate market. As the name suggests, these homes or ‘projects’ are developed keeping the nurturement of growing children as the central value. There isn’t one but countless benefits of living in a Kid Cent
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Best investment and residential location in Jaipur

January 15, 2021 Kid Centric Homes 

Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur is strategically located in proximity to International Airport (IGI), Delhi and adjoining to NH-8 (Jaipur-Ajmer Highway) within Delhi–Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Influencer zone. The government has had a prime objective to promote the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to har
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How Kid Centric Homes can shape Your Child’s Future?

September 30, 2020 Kid Centric Homes 

How has the lockdown been treating you? Have you been able to spend time with your children constructively? In this time at home, we personally have significantly reduced the time we spend on screens making the most out of the whole lockdown situation. We would urge people to share their experiences
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July 20, 2020 Kid Centric Homes 

Being physically active is an essential ingredient for the health and wellbeing of the human being. As the schools are shut due to Pandemic the children’s are locked at home all day, spending their time onscreen for classes and for recreation. This has restricted their movements which is essential
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May 26, 2020 Kid Centric Homes 

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How To Make the COVID-19 Lockdown Fun for Kids?

April 6, 2020 Kid Centric Homes 

“Today I had to pop-in a pill while juggling work and my kids at home”, read a social media post of a 40-year-old mom who is currently working-from-home during the current COVID- 19 pandemic. With the schools closed, a sound plan to keep the children engaged indoors is the need of the ho
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