Confused between 3 BHK from investment or end-use prospective

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Real Estate is an asset that can have different purposes for differentusers. Some might be end-users of the property while some might be investors.Since the amount to purchase the property is huge, the purpose of buying theproperty is usually clear.

However,investment and end-use are the two most now and again utilized words withregards to purchasing a property, many people neglect to comprehend the fineline of distinction between the two. For example, while the area is of vitalsignificance while purchasing a permanent spot for end-use, one couldpresumably think twice about it with a little more speculation when investing.How about we take a look at these significant parameters under the boundariesof purchase intent.

  End-use Investment
Location Developed Emerging
Construction status   Ready-to-move-in Under-construction
Infrastructure Well-developed Projects in pipeline
Type of property One that suits your family needs  Housing units popular among buyers

1. Location –

  • End-Users:For those wanting to own a permanent home for moving into it, locationplays the main part. Ensure that the location is close to basic facilities suchas schools, hospitals, malls and others. The location should be around thecentre of the city that connects to all the parts of the city.

  • Investors:For those purchasing a property only for a speculation reason, carefulresearch of the area is of most extreme significance. Real estate expertsrecommend that upcoming localities, for example, those situated on the edges ofthe city or rural areas might help you with procuring a better profit frominvestment (ROI). Such developing locations might not have all social andphysical facilities in place but offer lower entry prices and hence, betterscope of price appreciation. In any case, you should make certain of the periodof time you wish to look for investment in the real estate market. Forinstance, if you have around 10 years, it’s a good idea to put your money andinvest in the upcoming locations.

For a time period of over three to five years,pick an area that has seen some turn of events and value appreciation yet notarrived at its pinnacle yet. Then again, on the off-chance that you mean toprocure rental value from your investment, you need to consider factors likecloseness to the city’s centre points and livability of location.

2. Type of property –

  • End-Users:For end purposes, the family’s consideration for property type is animportant aspect that one needs to look into before buying a property. Thereare different options of property types – plots, houses, villas or apartmentsdecide which will suit the best as per your family.
  • Investors:If you want to earn high investment returns on your invested amount,make sure you buy a property type and the configuration which is in highdemand. To find out the demand for property, one needs to do a lot of research.The developed cities have a high demand for 2BHk and 3BHK apartments with highrental returns.
  • There is always a high market availability of2/3 BHK flats because of the high demand by the home-buyers
  • 2/3 BHK units have a ready audience due towhich the rental values will be high and the ROI will be higher.

Invest in the property which gives high-yielding rental returns.Ashiana Housing has a couple of the best investment properties that have higherrental returns. Enquire today in and avail the investment offer:Ashiana Surbhi

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