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The Role of Child-centric Homes in the Learning and Development of Young Children

We as a human race have made astounding progress in the last 7 million years. From being cave dwellers to a race that now creates high-skilled robots, we indeed have come a long way. But, there is one pressing question that we face today – are we doing the right things to ensure the best for our future generations? This brings us to the next crucial question,

“How can we empower our younger generations today, so that they emerge as tomorrow’s leaders, making the world a better place for all?”

Empowering our Kids with the Right Life Skills – The Need of the Hour

In a planet of 7.7 billion people, we have indeed made huge strides in all walks of life – shelter, food, electricity, transport and other necessities have improved significantly in the last few decades. But, what about the other side – climate change, pollution, fast-depleting natural resources – what have we done to tackle these pressing issues, so that the world remains a better place for generations to come?

This is where education and the right life skills come into the picture. The standard definition of education is, “the process of giving systematic instruction to pupils in a formal setting like a school or college.”

But, then education is much more than that. It doesn’t stop within the walls of the classroom. It happens anywhere at any time. It’s a process of continuous learning in all settings.

In a highly uncertain future world, we must ensure that we equip our children with the right life skills that help not only them but also the society as a whole. When children master the essential skills, they emerge as confident adults who are ready to go out and tackle whatever challenges that they face.

Quoting the words of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, “Books and pens are our most powerful weapons. One child, one book, one teacher can change the world. Education is the only solution for the future.”

Teaching our children valuable life skills right from an early age, not only makes them confident, but also future-ready.

Digital Distraction – the Bane of Growing Up Today

Children spend just 1/3 (or even lesser than that) of their day at schools. And, most schools today are focused on building the academic prowess of children, rather than providing them with essential life skills.

The rest of the time they spend at homes, with parents, grandparents and child-care providers. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced urban lifestyles, the time children spend at home is not productively spent.

A recent study found out that 58% of 3-to-5-year-olds can easily navigate a smartphone. On the other hand, only one in six children, lesser than 15% can fix a simple meal. Child psychologists and development experts state that they are worried about the increasing amounts of time young children in India spend on smart phones.

post by Deccan Chronicle reveals the following shocking stats: 62.47% of Indian children spend on an average of four hours daily streaming online videos and on social media.

Growing up in a Better Space – Kid-Centric Homes

Child-centric homes provide children with all the venues they need to realize their potentials. These homes offer various activities for kids within the gated community like swimming, chess, basketball, music, dance, yoga, table tennis, badminton, meditation and other activities related to building key life skills. The best part – your children can train under professional mentors, without leaving the gates of your community.

Here are some of the key life skills that children imbibe at child-friendly homes.

• Age-appropriate Independence

Sadly, a large number of parents today don’t teach their children independence from an early age. But, we cannot blame the parents alone, as safety and security of children are of prime importance. In child-friendly homes, the entire campus is highly safe and secure, and is monitored 24 x 7 by CCTV cameras and vetted professional security guards.

Child-friendly homes help children build their independence right from an early age. Whether it’s playing at the on-campus park by themselves, running errands to the convenience store in the community, or spending some time alone in the clubhouse with other kids of their age, children learn to be independent.

Child development experts believe that children, who learn independence at an early age, are more likely to be self-confident as they grow older.

• Environmental Awareness

Climate change is real, and it’s the future generation that will most be impacted by it. Children should, therefore, learn to protect and care for the only planet we have. This means, caring for plants, animals and our natural surroundings.

Child-friendly homes have nature clubs or eco-clubs where children are sensitized about environmental issues. For example, they get a chance to participate in clealiness drives, and also plant seedlings and enjoy the excitement of seeing it grow. Gardening teaches children responsibility and environmental awareness, all of which will help them create a better future for society as a whole.

• Learn Civic Responsibilities

In a nation of road rage and littering, it’s essential that we teach our children the right civic responsibilities from an early age. Kids traffic club at child-centric homes help children the basic road rules as well as other civic responsibilities of keeping the community clean.

• Boosts Creativity and Imagination

Children are highly imaginative. Sadly, the regular school curriculum doesn’t have space or time to encourage creativity and inquisitiveness. One popular club at child-centric homes is the Makers Club, where children get to unleash their creativity.

Making periscope and radars, are some of the activities for kids in this club. This helps children to use their creativity and innovative thinking to make and craft things, thereby encouraging self-learning and experimentation.

Child-centric Homes, for the Holistic Development of your Child

As a parent, it’s your duty to ensure that your child grows up as a confident, young individual who is ready to tackle the challenges of the future world. And, remember that education doesn’t stop with what your child is learning at school. To make your child future-ready and a future leader, you need to provide your child with rich experiences and various avenues of exploration at home. And, child-centric homes are the best way to do it.

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