End of NRI Woes, as Active Senior Living Grows In INDIA

“Should we give up are well-paying jobs abroad and modern lifestyle to take care of our parents in the twilight of their life? Or should we take our parents along with us and make their life difficult by asking them to get acclimatized to foreign lands after spending all their lives in India?” These few questions always haunt the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living abroad?


In an answer to this, in most of the cases, parents take the lead and tell their children to leave them behind and move on and fulfil their dreams. From here on, start the worries of NRI children. They spend their days and nights worrying about the health and well-being of their aged parents back home. And they are not wrong?


There are always haunted by various factors like safety and security and health and well-being of their parents. If parents are too old, then inability to manage day-to-day tasks and loneliness are another set of problems that needs to be answered.


Fret not! The answer to all these problems of NRIs can be senior living facilities back home. Although an international concept, senior living societies are gaining good popularity in India. And why not? At a time, when more and more of India’s younger generation is travelling, there is need for such concepts and societies in India.


Parents of NRI children can live hereindependently and with dignity. Due to the specialized facilities available for seniors in these projects, NRIs can live in peace knowing that their parents are well-cared for. Further, since there are on demand medical facilities, care givers, day-to-day help always at hand andsocial and physical security, ageing parents do not have to struggle with everyday life.


Among the various facilities offered in senior living communities, the main ones include special design layouts of units such as curved wall edges, grab-bars in bathrooms, anti-skid tiles, night lamp in master bedroom, grab rails in toilets, low-height shelves and bigger balconies for sunlight which aid in senior living.Also, various indoor and outdoor sports events, competitions, day-trips and festival celebrations are organised at these projects to bring happiness into the life of its residents who are from different professional genres like medical, banking, engineering etc.


Senior living projects across India


Thanks to the large influence of the West, the demand for projects dedicated to senior living in India are growing by the day. Today, one can find all sorts of retirement homes from budget apartments to luxury resorts in India.


Ashiana’s active senior living projects are spread across India including 3 completed projects in Bhiwadi (NCR), Jaipur and Lavasa (Pune). With over 1600 families already residing, these are elegantly and thoughtfully designed homes giving the senior living a comfortable place that they would love to call home.Further, 2 more projects are under construction in Chennai and Bhiwadi (NCR).

Ashiana Utsav, Senior Living in Bhiwadi was felicitated with the award for the Best Theme-based Township under non-metro category by CREDAI in 2012 and Ashiana Utsav in Lavasa was declared as the Best Senior Living Project of the Year by Realty Excellence Awards in 2014.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an NRI or not residing with your parents due to your job requirements, Senior living communities are the best options for your parents.

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