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Why NRI children are worried about their parents?


NRI children living abroad are always worried about the health and well-being of their aged parents who are all alone in India. The ageing population of India is becoming increasingly vulnerable to crimes, isolation and neglect. Will they really be able to enjoy the golden years of their lives disconnected in loneliness? Or can we give up our well-paying jobs abroad and modern lifestyle to take care of our parents in the twilight of their life? Or can our aged parents come to live with us overseas and get acclimatized to foreign lands after spending all their lives in India?


Ashiana’s Senior Living Resident performing Flash Mobs on Women’s Day


Why NRI’s are worried about their parents?

Safety & Security – The Primary concern is the safety and security of ageing parents. We hear a lot of stories of crimes against senior citizens perpetuated by anti-social elements and even by trustworthy domestic helpers.

Health & Well-Being – Their deteriorating health often worries NRI children. Things like who will take them for regular check ups, hospital visits if the need arise?

Companionship – They live in loneliness all by themselves with hardly anybody to talk to. A Skype call once a day is not enough or even practical given the time difference

Inability to manage day-to-day tasks – Even buying vegetables or going for a regular check-up or being reminded to take their medicines on time can seem like a task. Household issues like broken plumbing, damaged construction, issues with bugs and seepage can take on huge proportions.

What all solutions they have?

Return home to be with Parents: While nothing will give parents more pleasure than see the birds return to the nest, we know that in today’s competitive world, it is neither practical nor feasible. When you have a great job abroad and a modern lifestyle, returning home may seem daunting. Many families who have returned often suffer from a reverse-cultural shock and deal with adjustment issues especially children who have been brought up there.

Move parents overseas with NRI children: Whilst this seems like an ideal solution for the NRI children living abroad, it is not always easy for the parents to settle overseas at that age, when they have spent decades in India. Firstly, the long and expensive process of getting VISAs and then a lot of parents find it daunting to settle overseas due to lifestyle changes, climate changes, communication problems, absence of domestic help & most important the companionship.

Make arrangements to their everyday care: Nurses and trustworthy domestic help are required round the clock if your parents are ailing. It is good to have constant help around the house. It takes a lot of strain off your mind. Yet it is tough to trust your parents in the hands of outside help.

Senior Living Facility in good society: Parents of NRI children can live here independently and with dignity. Since there are on demand medical facilities, care givers and day-to-day help always at hand, ageing parents do not have to struggle with everyday life. They get spend their golden years in serenity and with respect.

Why Senior Living Facilities?

Senior living is an international concept gaining popularity in India. Due to the international level facilities available for parents in these projects, NRIs can live in peace knowing that their parents are well cared for.

Self Reliance and Dignity – There is nothing more important for parents than being self reliant and living their golden years with dignity and respect. A senior living house facilitates this by providing them with all amenities from beautifully designed homes, domestic help, health care facilities and regular social activities to enjoy a beautiful life after retirement.

A Comfortable Home – Specially designed for the needs of the elderly. Anti-skid tiles, rounded corners, big sized switches, wall mounted night lamps, ramps and other alternatives for stairs, etc. ensure that they do not fall or injure themselves in any other way.

Companionship of other elderly people – The next best thing to having you children at home is having the companionship of your peer group. Regular gatherings of people of same age can bring a refreshing change to the monotony of their everyday life. Parties, religious functions, social occasions and entertaining program for them will help divert their minds away from their sense of loneliness & enjoy their golden years.

Physical security – Arrangement of security for the elderly residing in their own house is of paramount importance. NRI’s need to be sure that their parents will not be mugged or troubled in any way. In a senior living facility, there is multi-layered 24X7 security system in place.

Financial Security – They should have enough stand-by money for any emergency situation or treatment that would be required in the absence of children. Organizing transfer of money, handling of letters, other couriered items and catering to daily household requirements is needed. Payment of bills, taxes and other recurring expenses, collection of rents and depositing the same in the designated accounts through a trust worthy system is essential.

Quality and Regular Health Care provided – A health care service or hospital located close to their homes would ensure speedy treatment should an emergency arise. This would include a regular thorough assessment by a physician. Provision for in-house nurses for ailing seniors is a great assistance. They also provide detailed feedback and reports on the health and other issues of the elderly to their children abroad.

Senior Living Projects across India

All sorts of retirement homes from budget apartments to luxury resorts are now available in India.

Ashiana Housing
Ashiana Housing is the pioneer in Senior Living Projects in India. Ashiana’s senior living projects are located across India including Bhiwadi (NCR,) Jaipur, Lavassa (Pune), Chennai and Kolkata (Launching Soon).

With over 1200 families already residing, these are elegantly and thoughtfully designed giving the senior living a comfortable place that they would love to call home.



Age Friendly Design
The homes are designed according to seniors’ needs like anti skid tiles, grab rails, big-sized switches, wall mounted night lamps etc.


The complex has trained and equipped security guards available 24×7 to ensure the safety of the residents and premises.


Emergency Care
The apts. are installed with an emergency response system. Ambulance ready 24×7 and doctor-on-call available.


Active Life
Regularly planned group activities, sports events, celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and major festivals.


Dining Facility
In-house common dining hall with availability of nutritious meals with an option of delivery within the complex.


Hassle Free Life
Amenities like maintenance of common areas, availability of plumber and electrician-on-call.




  • The Most Promising Company Of The Next Decade By CNBC Awaaz 2015
  • Forbes’ rates Ashiana among Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion Dollar Companies twice in a row (2010 & 2011).

Senior Living:

  • Ashiana Utsav Lavasa was awarded as the “Senior Living- Project of the Year” by Realty Excellence Award in 2014.
  • Ashiana Utsav - Senior Living Bhiwadi awarded as the Best Theme Based Township under non-metro category —CREDAI Real Estate Awards 2012

Serene is a Chennai based chain of retirement homes beautifully designed and peacefully located in a quiet and tranquil environment.

Paranjape Builders located in Pune offer tailor made senior living homes with premium facilities.

Anandam Retirement Community is strategically located at the foothills of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Anandam is a part of Bahri Beautiful Country Integrated Township and offers a five-star experience where you can create your own lifestyle.

Antara is an upcoming project in Dehradun. Framed by the lush Mussorie hills, this project offers luxurious living for the elite among the seniors.

Dignity Lifestyle is a retirement Township located 90 kms from Kolkata in the hills of Matheran where elders can buy their own cottage, tend gardens and live a life of self-respect where all emergency medical and health facilities are also available at beck and call.

Having Fun @ Ashiana Housing

Ashiana’s Senior Living Residents Playing Football


Walking the ramp


Playing & Having Fun


Group Picture


Life is musical here at Ashiana



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