Happy Parent Stories: Kid-Centric Homes

While purchasing a home for their family, most investors consider the following factors – price, location, amenities, home plan and structure, design, aesthetics, and more. But, have you considered investing in a home that plays a key role in shaping your child’s future?

Wondering how that is possible? Presenting Kid-Centric Homes. If this is the first time, you are hearing the term, fret not. Here, in this post, we highlight the benefits of kid-centric homes and share with you three testimonials from parents who have made the smart choice of purchasing child-centric homes.

What are Kid-Centric Homes?

A relatively new development in the residential real estate market, kid-centric homes are gaining plenty of focus in the last few years. When speaking of child- centric homes, we are not just referring to a badminton court or swimming pool in the apartment complex. While amenities are an essential part of child-centric homes, amenities alone don’t make it.

Child-centric homes are focused on the holistic development of their tiny residents. Every parent wants to do their best for their child’s learning and development. By providing children, with the right ambience and facilities at their home complex, we can tap into the budding talents that are hidden inside each child.


Child development experts observe that the growth trajectories of eminent personalities are similar – they all had a nurturing and caring environment at home. By nurturing the talents of children via various activities, you can help them develop as holistic, confident adults, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Let’s take a look at what these parents have to say about their experiences in child-centric homes.


Testimonial 1

My wife and I are full-time working parents, and we have a daughter aged 9. As a single child, she doesn’t get to interact with other kids outside of school. This sort of made her feel lonely at home. When we take her out to parties and family gatherings, she stuck to our sides and didn’t want to interact with other kids.

The Live and Learn Programme offered by our housing society, Ashiana Town at Bhiwadi was a huge boon to us. We have previously lived in several residential apartment complexes, but nothing equals the support offered by Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi. The Live and Learn Programme is more than an after-school activity club. The program coordinators there teach kids values that aren’t part of the school curriculum.

For my daughter, she built crucial social skills that help her to mingle with other kids her age. Today, she is no longer the lonely single child. Instead, she has blossomed into a bright, happy kid, who is loving, caring and generous to her friends and courteous to adults. As a father, I couldn’t be more happier.

More about the Live and Learn Programme offered by Ashiana

The Live and Learn Programme is the cornerstone of Ashiana’s kid-centric homes. It’s an internationally recognised child development programme that is running successfully in over nine countries. It was developed by Hearth Education Advisors from the UK in partnership with an eminent education consulting firm from Delhi.

The Live and Learn Programme has pre-planned activities for each calendar month, to ensure all-round development of your child. The activities are led by specialised coaches and are a mix of left brain and right brain activities like martial arts, sports, spoken English, art and crafts, dance, music, theather and more.

Apart from these scheduled activities, the programme also offers excursions, picnics, cultural activities and workshops for kids.

Testimonial 2

As a parent of an overweight pre-teen, my internal alarm bells started ringing on a recent trip with friends. My child avoided mingling with his friends and dropped behind. All my efforts to make him reduce portion sizes at home were all fruitless. He started rebelling and sought comfort foods that further caused his weight to increase.

This was around the time we shifted homes. We had purchased an apartment at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi. Initially, my son was hesitant to take part in the various outdoor activities offered at our apartment complex. But, seeing the other kids have fun playing on the immaculately maintained courts, he started spending more and more time outdoors.

Magically, the extra kilos started melting away, and as a result, he started building his self-confidence. Today, I am happy to see that my child is no longer the overweight, bullied kid he was a year ago. He is an active child, who has inculcated the habit of staying active, and plays outdoors regularly with his friends and wants to become a pro basketball player when he grows up.

Testimonial 3

As a parent of two young kids, aged 5 and 7, I was at my wit’s end trying to get them off TV, tablets, and mobiles. Every evening after school, they used to rush home and head directly for the tab. Blackmailing, cajoling and even the promise of rewards wasn’t enough to lure them away from their digital addiction. As a result, their grades started falling.

This was when my husband suggested that we introduce our kids to the marvellous world of written books. As we live in Ashiana Umang, Jaipur, we didn’t have to travel out. The learning hub in our apartment complex has a wonderful library filled with more than 3000 age appropriate books by renowned authors.

The learning hub staff and programme coordinators were highly helpful in helping our kids choose books. They suggested the right novels based on my kids’ specific interests. For my elder daughter, they suggested she start with Enid Blyton, and for my younger son, it was Tinkle and other comics. It was no looking back.

Today, my kids instead of switching on the TV after school, rush to the library to select new books for them to read. I am so happy that our campus library has helped my kids turn into voracious readers.

Provide Your Kids with Nothing Short of the Best

Kids come into the world brimming with curiosity, creativity, and wonder. Unfortunately, we adults squash that potential by telling kids what to do, what to learn, and how to play. At Ashiana’s child-centric homes, our core philosophy is that when you let kids be themselves, they develop the confidence to trust themselves and be the best they can be.

Driven by this belief, we have designed our homes to open a world of possibilities for your kids, to dive into their passions and discover what they love the most.

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