How Kid Centric Homes can shape Your Child’s Future?

How has the lockdown been treating you? Have you been able to spend time with your children constructively? In this time at home, we personally have significantly reduced the time we spend on screens making the most out of the whole lockdown situation.

We would urge people to share their experiences with their families during the lockdown, in the comments section.

With the ever-advancing way of living, growing up for kids is getting even more challenging. And all that is required is a throughout learning. As parents, one always takes into account the home, society, environment, lifestyle and the surroundings that make up for the child’s development. If one was to ask “How Kid Centric Homes can shape Your Child’s Future?”, we’ll try to articulate a few benefits of Kid Centric Homes (KCH), and what differences you can expect to see in your children if they grow up here.

Firstly, better physical, mental, and emotional development. Now you might think that your children are going to good schools, what good can a KCHs do, but what happens when the children are back home? Most of us are battling increased screen time for our children. They’re stuck watching TV, or playing on the Mobile Phone, whereas children of Ashiana KCH, are playing sports, reading books, growing vegetables in the community garden, painting, dancing, or participating in various clubs, like eco-club, space club, etc. All of this makes them physically fitter, emotionally secure, and mentally stronger. Let’s share the story of a boy called Tejas, who after moving to Ashiana Town, took up badminton, and basketball. Also, he loves reading books in the community library, and he spends his Sundays
participating in activities organized by Ashiana. As Tejas’s mother would say, he is happily away from the addicting e-gadget world. Since moving to Ashiana Town,
Tejas has become physically stronger, and more comfortable in working in teams. Not only that, since he is happier at home, he also concentrates more on his studies.

Secondly, children who grow up in KCHs are more confident as exposure makes them come out of their shells. There are numerous stories of children who have gained confidence for public performances, exploring new hobbies like poetry, and making friends. Ridhima, a resident of Ashiana Town, has overcome her stage fright and become very good in public speaking. She takes part in cultural programs, and many competitions like poetry, story-telling, salad-making, and abacus. As her
mother says, she is more confident now to choose and take part in activities, where she thinks she can participate. This self-confidence only comes with good advice and ample opportunities that we have in our hands.
Thirdly, KCHs foster independence in children. Children can walk and go by themselves to various places in well secured project with our gated communities, in a safe and secure environment. They are not dependent on their parents all the time to take them for various activities in the city. This also frees up time for the parents to pursue their hobbies and finish household chores. I would like to share a story of Vandana, she lived with her parents and sister in a posh neighbourhood in the centre of Jaipur. Prior from moving to Ashiana Umang, Vandana used to keep asking her
parents to take her and her sister for skating and other activities in the city, but any activity was at least one km away. Even though her parents wanted to fulfill her requests, they were unable to do so due to the scarcity of time, and when they could take them to activities, the amount of time spent in traffic and traveling was too taxing. Now they live in Ashiana Umang, and Vandana and her sister, participate in various activities without depending on their parents, while their parents have peace of mind that their children are safe and secure.

Children who grow up in Ashiana KCHs are not only fitter, stronger, more confident, and independent, they’re also kind and well behaved with good values. We do many activities that instil positive values in children. Participating in eco-clubs in gardening instil respect for nature and make children kind, traffic-clubs lead to respect for law and order, and following rules, taking part in competitions teach them the values of sportsmanship. Sanath lives in Ashiana Umang, and this is what his mother had to say, “There was self-learning through “experience” methodology that helped him understand the wider society as a whole, what actions work and what do not, the values, sensitivities, and longings we share as a community. Simple actions like planting saplings, keeping surroundings clean, self-defence, and airplane models gave him real-life experiences”. She further stated,” The beauty of participating in the creation of a community is that the events and experiences eventually lead to the building of profound relationships that become prominent to the relationships he builds with himself, an act of understanding, trust,
love, and friendship”.

As one resident had to say, an Ashiana KCH is the best place for children to play, grow, and thrive. Even during this lockdown and pandemic time if one is to ask “How is Ashiana keeping kids active during this lockdown?”. Our learning centre coordinators have organized multiple activities that children can do in their homes, they’ve organized, a reading tree challenge, a cook-talk challenge — encouraging children to learn how to cook, a
cleaning challenge, where children have gone ahead and cleaned their cupboards, we’ve also used technology and the mobiles for a session on outer space and understanding stars and planets.

All of this makes children more disciplined. They sleep on time, get-up on time, eat-well, follow a routine, and learn that practicing and working hard are the keys to winning. I would like to share the story of a cricket class at Ashiana Town. Sushil Joshi, our VP of Maintenance, and the driving force behind all the Kid-Centric Activities was walking one day at Ashiana Town. Incidentally, it was five minutes past the time the cricket class was supposed to begin, but the coach got held-up and was late for the class. All the boys were there, they were not goofing around and waiting for their coach to arrive. Instead, they had started their warm-up exercises following the exercise regime that the coach makes
them do in the class. Now that’s discipline, doing the right thing, when no-one is around to watch you!

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