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We all thought what could be better than working from the comfort of our homes. But now that we all are doing that, we can’t wait to get back to our office chair and table. Though there are a number of reasons to it, but mainly because we don’t have a designated workstation at home and the present demand has ruined our posture. earlier we thought, it is a convenience from our living rooms, but Sitting in the wrong postures (that we all do), while working on the laptop can cause muscle spasm, pain in the back, neck and shoulders, that I now realize after more than three months of lockdown. All of this causes physical unrest, which we all are dealing with right now.

We are working round the clock, which is makingit tiring, both physically and mentally.

The following are some tips on how you can reducephysical strain on your body and take care of yourself.

1) Sort out your setup

Screen level

Ensure your screen is directly in front of you, with the middle of your screen at eye level.

Choose the right chair

Make sure your chair has back support. To liftyourself, you can use some cushions at the bottom and also at the back to situpright. Sitting upright is the best way to support your back. Be sure to sitback in a good chair that is upright and not reclined.

Place the laptop correctly

Your laptop should be placed at a surface, whichis parallel to your head. This will support your neck and not cause back andneck strain.

Proper Elbows and Wrist Positions

Have your keyboard level, right in front of you,with your elbows by your side and at 90 degrees, ideally with wrists supportedtoo.

Proper Feet Placement

Make sure your feet are also flat on the floor infront of you.

2) Aim for a “neutral” upright posture.

Try to avoid leaning forwards. Maybe even get someoneto check your posture from the side. If you hunch over, or are leaning forward,or craning your neck back to see your screen, then you have a high chance ofdeveloping spinal pain.

You can reset to good posture :

• Aim to have your ear in line with yourshoulder, and that this is in line over your hip.

• Try to make sure your head is over your torsonot sticking forwards, and that your head isn’t tilted up or down.

• Ideally have a slightly inwards arch in yourlower back – but only a small one, as over doing it can hurt too.

• If you’re experiencing back pain, a smallpillow being placed behind your lower back may help, or lying on your back, onthe floor, once or twice a day may help move your spine into a better position.

3) Follow Simple Exercises

– Neck stretches

Put your chin down to your chest and look up tothe ceiling.

Slowly turn your head to the left, and then turnyour head to the right.

Put your left ear to your left shoulder, thenyour right ear to your right shoulder.

– Arm stretches

Interlink your fingers in front of you andstretch forwards.

Interlink your fingers behind your back andstretch backwards.

– Neck rolls

Let the head dip downwards and slowly moving theneck in a circular motion. Do not rush the movement for best effect. Repeatmovements on each side.

Shoulder shrugs and rotations

Try a shoulder rotation while being seated. Youcan also do shrugs, by trying to bring your shoulders as high as you cantowards the ears.

– Over arm stretch

Stand straight, feet apart and raise your handsabove your head. Interlock the fingers and place them outwards. Hold and bringthe arms down.

– Legs Stretch

Stand straight on the ground with your feettogether. Now bend your left leg backwards and hold your feet with your leftleg. Hold it for a while. Now return to the original position and repeat withanother leg.

– Back Twist

Stand straight on the ground and let loose yourhands. Now twist backwards from one side and hold the position. Now twist tothe other side and hold the position for a while.

– Forward hang

Stand straight on the ground with your feetshoulder apart and knees slightly bent. Intertwine your fingers behind yourback and start bending forward. As your bend forward your arms will go upwards.Bend enough to face your knees .

– Ankle Pumps

Move your ankle up and down or in circle insitting position.

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