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Mr. Ankit and his wife, Sunita, had been searching for a peaceful and safe community to raise their child. After months of searching, they finally found Ashiana Umang, and it was love at first sight.


As soon as they stepped foot in the community, they were greeted with smiling faces and a warm welcome. The couple was impressed by the lush green surroundings and the well-maintained infrastructure.


“We were looking for a place where our child could grow and learn in a safe environment, and we found all of that in Ashiana Umang. The Live and Learn program here is amazing. Our child gets to participate in dance classes, art & craft, and even learn about gardening & agriculture, all in one place,” exclaimed Sunita.


“And let’s not forget the coaches who are always available to teach our kids. It’s a relief to know that our child is learning and growing under the guidance of experienced professionals,” added Mr. Ankit.


The couple was also impressed by the safety and security measures taken by the community. “We were amazed to see the CCTV cameras installed at every nook and corner of the community. It assures us that our child is safe and secure, even when we are not around,” said Sunita.


Ashiana Umang has a clubhouse that is perfect for evening activities, and the couple enjoys spending their free time there. “We never have to worry about getting bored here, as there are so many leisure facilities to choose from. We can play badminton or cricket or table tennis, and our child can participate in various activities with kids his own age,” said Mr. Ankit.


The community has become like a second family to them. “We have made lifelong friends here, and it feels great to see our child play and grow with his newly made friends. After having spent a considerable time here(at Umang), we can’t imagine living anywhere else,” said Sunita.


Another family, Mr., and Mrs. Bharat Singh Meena(and their daughter) are so content with their lifestyle at Umang that they keep recommending their friends and colleagues to shift here.


On being asked by their family friend – “My wife and I have been thinking about moving to a new community, and hearing about your experience has really piqued our interest in Ashiana Umang. Can you tell us more about the Live and Learn program that you mentioned?”


“Absolutely! The Live and Learn program is one of the most amazing things about Umang. Our daughter is able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as dance, art, and sports, right within the community. The coaches are all experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching and mentoring children. We’re constantly amazed at how quickly our daughter is learning and growing, both academically and socially.” replied Mrs. Meena


She further added, “And the best part is that we don’t have to worry about driving her around to different classes after school. Everything is right here at Umang, so we know that she’s safe and secure while she’s learning and having fun.”


On further questions about the community, the people living here, and the overall environment, Mrs. Meena added that the community here(Umang) is fantastic! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and they’ve made so many great friends here. Their daughter has made many friends her own age, and they all love playing together and enjoying the numerous amenities that Umang offers.


Mr. Meena added. “And the environment is just beautiful. We’re surrounded by lush greenery, and the air is so fresh and clean. It’s such a refreshing change from our previous home, where we were always surrounded by concrete and traffic.”


On being enquired about the safety and security at Umang and how the team there ensures the safety of its residents, Mr. Meena replied, “Umang takes safety and security very seriously. There are CCTV cameras installed at every nook and corner of the community, and the staff is always alert and attentive. We never have to worry about our daughter’s safety while she’s playing outside or attending classes.

Overall, we feel very fortunate to have found Ashiana Umang. It’s a BehtarParvarish ka Pata, and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their family.”


There are many other residents like Mrs. and Mr. Meena who adore their lives at Ashiana Umang, Mr. Nitin, and his wife are among many others who spoke to us!


They are thrilled to share their experience of living at Ashiana Umang. “We used to live in an independent house, and we were concerned about the safety and security of our family while I was on tour. But after shifting here, we never worry about anything,” Mr. Nitin said.


His wife added, “It’s a dream come true for us. The environment is open and natural, and our children are receiving a good upbringing here. And the community celebrations are really good. We all enjoy ourselves a lot. We can say with surety that the whole family can enjoy life at Ashiana Umang, and it is truly a BehtarParvarish ka Pata.”


Mr. Nitin enthusiastically added, “Ashiana Umang is a place where we don’t have to worry about the safety and security of our family. They have a 24/7 security system, and we are always assured of our children’s safety.”


His wife continued, “And the best thing is the Live and Learn Program. Our children are learning and growing every day, and we are happy to see their progress. They have dance classes, art & craft, agriculture, cricket, and badminton. We don’t have to worry whether our kids are actually learning because there are able coaches for various activities. The facilities for indoor and outdoor games are too good, and we ourselves have learned to play billiards here.”


Nitin chimed in, “We are proud to say that Ashiana Umang is a place where our children get multiple options to participate, play, learn, and grow, along with similarly aged kids to make lifelong friends. We also enjoy our evenings in the clubhouse. It’s challenging to get so many facilities in a single place, and we’re glad to have them here.”


And as a parting statement, his wife added, “Living here is a privilege. It’s a place where we can truly enjoy life as a family. The community is like a big family where everyone cares for each other. We highly recommend Ashiana Umang to other parents looking for a safe and secure environment for their family.”


Our resident’s love and support are what keep us going, and hearing such positive reviews only motivates us to keep pushing our limits in providing hassle-free, healthy, and wholesome living experiences.


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