Is it good time to invest in real estate? And where to invest in Jaipur?

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Real Estate investment works as a“Physical” asset which is considered one of the best investment plans withstable-and-safe returns over a long-term period. And if you do it right, yourinvestment in real estate can even act as a liquid asset that pays you aflourishing monetary income at regular intervals while maintaining it’s marketvalue.

For everyone who plans to invest in real estate,right now is the perfect moment to yield the best returns withnever-seen-before offers by almost all the builders. The COVID has shown thereal importance of a house in the year 2020. Even the same results arereflected in the Q4 of the year with significantly strong revival signs of themarket. While the overall market saw a slowdown due to COVID-19, the realestate industry is getting back on the growth track.

A few positive takeaways from the Indianreal estate market as per ANAROCK research & year-end data)

  • The top 7 cities of Indiawitnessed a sale of 1.38 lakh homes in 2020 and 1.28 lakh homes freshlysupplied into the same market.
  • A total of 52,820 units(approx.) were launched in the quarter-4 of 2020 as compared to 51,850 units inthe previous year.
  • Amid the various brandsshelling out varied discounts and offers, the top 7 cities have seen high salesof approx. 50,900 units in the quarter, bouncing back to almost 86% of thecorresponding period in the year 2019.
  • Mid-segment unit’s new supply(priced INR 40-80 lakh) rose by 39% in Q4 of 2020 against the respective periodin 2019.

Real estate investment can be a reallyfancy term for people who don’t aim at the industry for investment. But as amatter of fact, any investment can be easy and simple if you know just theright questions to ask. And to grab the best of the current market situation,we are going to answer a few of them for you! The three basic questions youneed to ask before you invest in real estate are – WHERE, WHY & WHAT!

“The Where” – Where should you make theinvestment in?

As basic as this question sounds, the morestrategic it ought to be. Location for real estate investment can be based onvarious factors. However, TIER-II cities in India offers the best possibilitiesfor investment in terms of costs & returns. One such city that almostalways tops our list is Jaipur, Rajasthan. The royal city that imbibes thehistory of cultural heritage is also a hub for the hottest investments in thereal estate sector.

Currently, the price of properties inJaipur starts from as low as around ₹ 1 lac and rounds upon the average priceof properties is around ₹ 67.42 lacs. Though the price trend has been moving upin FY 2019 indicating the huge demand in the real estate market of the pinkcity. From the prime emerging pockets like Kalwar Road, Tonk Road, Jhotwara andJagatpura, the region that is seizing the investors’ attention is Mahindra SEZ,Ajmer Road, Jaipur. Properties near Mahindra SEZ on Ajmer Road has become oneof the hottest residential locations in Jaipur and even in North India due toits proximity to one of the most advanced and blooming Special Economic Zone(SEZ) of the country. And if you are looking for a premium residential propertyto invest in near Mahindra SEZ, Ashiana Umang has got to be on top of yourlist.

“The Why” – Why you should choose the realestate project with current & future scopes?

The property investment is a long-termrelationship for which you need to have trust in the real estate brand you arein this bond. Ashiana Umang project apart from giving the conceptualkid-centric home atmosphere comes with the reputed Ashiana Housing brand namethat is trusted by thousands of families and awarded by industry experts.Ashiana Umang has a total occupancy of 544 residing families with 399 tenantsand 145 owners who are shaping their kid’s future with better physical,emotional and mental development.

This property near Mahindra SEZ, Jaipuroffers a great investment opportunity due to the in-reach medical facilities,schools, and colleges. What pushes the property’s appreciation value evenhigher is the closeness of various MNCs like Infosys, Wipro, Genpact, NaggarroSoftware, Deutsche Bank, Nuclear Software, Metlife & companies likeMahindra & Mahindra, JCB, Appirio, Perto and more. This not only hikes theneed for property in the region but also acts as a perfect investment for aworking family to live in.

“The What” – What exactly are you gettingout of this real estate investment?

Answering to what exactly the residentialproject delivers, Ashiana Umang caters to all the needs of growing kids and ahappy family with the conceptual living of “Kids Centric Home”. Homeenvironment and surroundings are the core foundation that builds up a child’scharacter. Ashiana Umang provides the perfect home for kid’s holisticdevelopment with international-standard facilities that help children todevelop and nurture their hidden/explored talents and intellect. Themultipurpose learning hub provides an overall education to kids usingfoundational elements of morals and values. Additionally, you can enroll yourkids in dance, theater, music, arts and craft activities to tap theirunexplored talents! The project wonderfully helps the parents to find truly abehtar parvarish ka pata and the concept provides a higher standpoint from thereal estate investment perspective.

The residential project located within a 3km range of Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur off Ajmer Road offers its citizens top-classmodern facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, club-house, sprawling greenparks, kids play arena, convenience store and more amenities. Ashiana Umang isa fully residential secure gated complex with 24/7 guards and hi-tech securitysystems.

“The Bonus” – everything from insights tooffers that you should consider RIGHT NOW!

Honestly, who doesn’t like some free cherries on top! COVID-19 might have brought the worst on industries but has definitely made the real estate brands to give away the best of offers this industry has seen in years. Even the government in pre-and-post COVID times has highlighted various deductions on affordable housing schemes and eased housing-for-all programs. (To know more:

As per The New Indian Express, the realbonus news for the investors of properties near Mahindra SEZ, Ajmer Road is anallotment of 16 acres of Mahindra World City for setting up facilities of 4firms which is set to attract thousands for a direct employment, Bansal Oil Mill, Bhagwati Group, and Vitromed Health Care areinvesting in the SEZ to establish new facilities and/or expand their existingoperations. This is definitely going to surge the demand for properties makingthis the perfect time to invest.

So if you agree and plan to invest in RealEstate Property, this is the perfect moment to feed the hen that can lay thegolden eggs for you and secure your future with the investment in the Pink Cityat Ashiana Umang, Jaipur!

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