Is a North Facing home good according to Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastras say a lot about the directions of a house and how every room and everything in a house should be placed to get the most auspicious and healthy life. According to Vastu experts, North Facing homes are the most sought after as North is the direction of Kuber(God of wealth). However, to be able to reap the benefits of a north-facing home, the overall architecture and decor should also be compliant with Vastu Shastras.

When building or buying a house, we always recommend you to go with a Vastu expert, nevertheless below are some key Vastu guidelines for North Facing Homes, to get you started with!

Main Door

A north-facing house simply put is a house whose main door is in the North direction. Going into detail here, each direction is divided into 9 equal parts or ‘padas’ and for the main door, the fifth ‘pada’ is believed to be the most auspicious. However, in case of the fifth ‘pada’ being unavailable, any other part will do.

Master Bedroom

Ideally, the master bedroom should be in the southwest direction, however, in case of unavailability, any other direction is fine except for the northeast.

Children’s Room

North direction is the second-best option for children’s rooms, the best directions are east, north-east or northwest. Make sure that childrens’ study table is such that their face is towards north-east, east, or north.

Home Office

Since we’re talking about the north direction being auspicious and attracting wealth and success, it is the perfect direction for the home office as well. It is advised that your desk should not be cluttered and there be a wall behind you.


North and north-east directions for staircase should be avoided at all costs. South-east, south-west, north-west, south, and west are good to go, however, stairs should always be turning in a clockwise manner.

Pooja Room

Good directions for Pooja room are north-east, east, and west. Talking about Indian temples is usually advisable that deities face in the east direction, hence, building a temple in the west direction can be a really ideal arrangement. Make sure that holy items are kept only in the Pooja room and not scattered all around the house.


For north-facing homes, the best directions for kitchen placement are southeast, south, or southwest. Commonly, northeast is also considered a good direction for kitchen, but in the case of north-facing homes, it should be avoided as much as possible.


Usually, the placement of bathrooms and/or septic tanks are always on the front side of the property for convenience but in the case of north-facing homes, this can have numerous negative effects on the people inhabiting that home. Consider south of south-west and east of south east regions for constructing bathrooms and/or septic tank.


For a north-facing home, many people might feel that the most practical direction for a garage/car parking should be north only, however, having a garage in the north direction can be a toll on the residents’ mental health. It is better to have a parking space/garage in either north-west or southeast direction.


Apart from these specific constructions other aspects of Vastu in a north-facing home include little construction tweaks like – the boundary walls can be made slightly lower in height in north and east directions. North and east side walls are good for light fittings and bring positive energy. A Vastu-kalash placed in the northeast direction is considered good to boost positivity in the home.

By making the whole house Vastu-compliant, you can welcome auspiciousness and positivity into your homes. Even for homes that aren’t north-facing, following Vastu instructions according to your home’s directions is equally beneficial.

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