Keeping a Child Engaged at Home, away from the Gadgets

In the so-called ‘Internet-era’ that we live in, it is not an easy task to keep our children away from gadgets. Moreover, most of us are busy with something or the other, and hence we make our children watch tv or play video games, to keep them engaged for longer time intervals.


However gadgets are very harmful to children. In addition to the harmful radiation, and harm to eyesight, they are no less than habit-forming drugs. It is better to engage our children in other harmless activities, which are fun and a learning experience for them. Some of such activities are –


1. Reading –

This is a great habit to have as a human. It is often said that there is a plethora of knowledge contained in books. Inculcating this habit early on in your children can be very beneficial for them in the long run. With the habit of reading, your children will never shy away from studying. Children who like reading are likely to do better at academics as well.


2. Drawing/Painting –

Children’s brains are very imaginative. Allow them to bring out their creativity on paper. Encourage them to draw/paint. You can start by giving them coloring books. Art can be a very good distraction from gadgets and technology.


3. Chores –

Make your children help with household chores. Give them tasks that are safe and can easily be done by them. Washing fruits and vegetables, peeling fruits, etc. Give your children tasks according to their age. This not only keeps them away from gadgets but also tends to make them independent when they grow up.


4. Indoor Games –

Encourage your children to play indoor games and if possible, play with them. Teach them Chess, monopoly, sudoku, etc. These games are great fun and help develop logical thinking and I.Q. as well. Don’t give mobile phones to your children to play chess or sudoku, that beats the whole point. Physical board games look and feel much better.


5. Outdoor Games –

Playing outdoors is very necessary for the physical development of children. Moreover, when children go to play outside, they tend to socialize more and make friends. However, make sure that they’re going to play in a safe environment.


6. Extracurricular activities –

Singing, Dancing, Taekwondo, cricket coaching, learning an instrument, etc. are various extracurricular activities that you can sign your children up for. These will lead your children to discover their passion. In addition to this, such activities inculcate a sense of discipline from an early age.


7. Puzzles/riddles –

Remember the time when they used to give puzzles in newspapers? Well, they still do but we hardly read newspapers today. Get your children to solve these puzzles and riddles. Ask them tricky questions. This not only develops their logical thinking but also keeps them engaged and active.


Keeping Children Engaged in Kid Centric Homes


As the name suggests, Kid Centric Homes are housing societies that are developed in such a way that the focus is on the growth, development, and nurturing of the growing kids. It is relatively easier in KCHs to keep your children away from gadgets.


It is important to provide the right important for the growth of children, and KCHs do just that. Here are some reasons why KCHs can be the right choice –

  • KCHs have all these activities –

Be it sports, indoor games, outdoor games, reading, music, dance, or learning an instrument, an ideal KCH has all these activities.

  • Don’t have to travel for activities –

All the facilities in a KCH are present on the campus. This not only makes the kids independent from a very young age but also gives extra leisure time to you as parents. The whole campus of KCH is secured by guards and CCTV. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your children.

  • Parents get extra time to themselves –

When all the extracurricular activities are looked after by the KCH team, you get extra time for yourselves. You can use this time to relax and enjoy the leisure facilities that the KCH has to offer.


Ashiana Housing Kid Centric Homes


Our Kid Centric Homes are well designed to suit the needs of children as well as adults. We have the best-in-class facilities. Our team is always striving to make the residents’ lives convenient and hassle-free.


Our KCHs come lined up with the basic housing amenities like –

  • 24×7 Security
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Intercom
  • Piped LPG
  • Power Backup
  • Garbage Collection
  • Open & Basement Parking
  • Utility Shops, etc.

In addition to these basic amenities, we have facilities like –

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Kids Play Room
  • Badminton Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards
  • Cricket Pitch with Net
  • Skating Rink
  • Half-Basketball Court
  • Learning Hub, etc.

On top of our countless facilities, what makes our KCHs unique, are our signature programs. These are –

  • Live and Learn –

‘Live and Learn’ is a program for kids. Under this program, various activities are conducted for the kids. These activities make a mixed bag of left-brain and right-brain activities, which let the children explore their interests. Further, we help the children develop their interests and keep exploring all the same.

  • Supermoms –

Supermoms is a program for all mothers. Under this program, the mothers meet and greet, have fun and perform various activities. Moreover, they also decide on the activities that can be done for the children. Supermoms is a community that addresses the sacrifices of every mother and give them a community to share, nurture, and have fun.


Ashiana’s Kid Centric Homes are currently present in the following locations –


Visit our site to explore further about our Kid Centric Homes!

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