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Gone are the days when ‘Seniors living in Senior Living communities’ was a taboo in the Indian society. The only reason for this was the availability of just one kind of traditional Senior Living Institution i.e. Old Age Homes. Old-Age Homes are mostly run by NGOs and tended to provide the bare minimum facilities – just enough for survival.


This dynamic is rapidly changing for good! With the onset and popularity of Senior Living Homes, Senior Citizens as well as the Indian society at large are accepting their benefits. With the increasing number of nuclear families and migrations due to work/study, Senior Citizens often end up alone. Whether Senior Citizens have friends in the neighborhood, or gardens for walking/exercising, a healthy environment to live and breathe in, someone to take care of them at all times, etc. is just a factor of luck!


From 56.5 million in 1991, the number of elderly (those above 60) has increased to 103.2 million in 2011—the largest ever in the country’s history. According to the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI), by 2050 a greying India will have a quarter of its population to look after. (Source: In India, it is quite common for seniors to live alone. In fact, in 2014 , there were nearly 15 million elderly living alone in India and a more recent survey with a sample size of 10,000 elders reported around 23.44% living alone. (Source:


The golden years of life shouldn’t be spent accepting unhealthy and poor living standards. Although there is no better place than home, when you trade your lifestyle for Ashiana Senior Living, your life becomes easier. What you will bring to life are things that you may believe are impossible or require extra effort. Life becomes effortless and full of engagement at Ashiana Senior Living. A carefree and self-sufficient existence – is something that everyone desires, and we, strive to make it happen.


Ashiana Advik is our flagship Active Senior Living Project with new and innovative features consisting of Activescapes, Morningscapes, Sportingscapes, Homescapes, Foodscapes, Livingscapes, and more for you to cherish everyday at its best. At AshianaAdvik – your day will be full of activity and enjoyment and there won’t be any dull moments ever.


Here’s a quick comparison as to how living at Ashiana Advik is different than living at your home –


GREENSCAPES – Environment All Around


At Home


It is said that morning walks are healthy but what about morning walks in a polluted city? What if there’s no garden/park around your home? Such problems often arise in congested cities and can take a toll on your health and activity – what is the solution then?


At Ashiana Advik


Ashiana Advik is located in Sector-39, Bhiwadi, and stretches over 16.9 acres of lush green exteriors, well-designed interiors, as well as multiple modern facilities. At Advik, there are gardens for every season for ultimate comfort and relaxation – soak in the sun in winter and step in shade in summer. There’s also a figure-of-eight acupressure-enabled walking track so that you can start your morning fresh with your feet nimble.


FOODSCAPES – Healthy Meals for Fitter You


At Home


You may have easily managed cooking your whole life. However, with time, cooking can become more of a chore. In such a scenario, you might even start cooking just the filling up your stomach – and neglect your nutrition.


At Advik


Living at Ashiana Advik is all about having fun together and making every meal special. One can dine with neighbors whenever one wants. Furthermore, the dining hall offers freshly prepared nutritious home-cooked meals with the option of home delivery as well. You can either dine in the community hall with your friends, invite some friends over to the rooftop cafe, use food kiosks in case you want to eat something different, or get your food home delivered – if you don’t feel like coming out someday!


HEALTHYSCAPES – From Morning Walks to Evening Yoga


At Home


There may or may not be someone to take care of you at all times, and you may or may not get proper activity throughout the day. Not only does this result in further deterioration of motor senses, but a lack of activity makes your body more susceptible to household accidents.


At Ashiana Advik


At Ashiana Advik, you’ll always be a part of some or the other activity – thanks to our healthy designed routine which includes yoga, meditation, exercise, timely meals, etc. Start your mornings with a stroll in the woods – with our forest walk, or play a game of badminton with your friends, go for a swim at the clubhouse swimming pool, or simply ease your day out in the relaxation square – our innovative Activescapes, Sportingscapes, and Morningscapes have got you covered. Furthermore, to reduce the impact of household accidents, all our homes come with age-friendly designs like — skid-resistant tiles, grabrails in bathrooms, chamfered wall edges, etc.


SAFESCAPES – Secure Living with Emergency Assistance


At Home


Older adults require more accessible care or assistance which may not always be possible in every home.


At Ashiana Advik


Ashiana Advik’sLivingscapes ensure that you can live carefree with emergency response systems in the bedroom and master toilet. We have intelligently designed homes with rounded wall edges, grabrails in bathrooms, and skid-resistant tiles so that you’re much less prone to household accidents. Our campus is wheelchair friendly, and we also have a concierge service in each block – so that you won’t have to lift anything but a finger. Moreover, there is a team of people who are always ready to address any emergency. We have 24×7 nurse and ambulance assistance, as well as tie-ups with major hospitals in our proximity if the need arises.


FREESCAPES – Independent Living


At Home


Living at home may only sometimes get you the rewards of feeling independent. You’ll always be under constant nagging which is just care and concern but might come off as nagging. Moreover, it is seldom safe to roam independently in the city or even in the street considering the traffic, pollution, and cluttered roads of the city.


At Ashiana Advik


Ashiana Senior Living prepares you to rely less on others with its plenty of offerings, amenities, care services, remodeled homes, smarter architecture, and much more. Advik is similar with multiple facilities and ‘scapes’ for you to live your life to the fullest without any interference. However, with Ashiana Housing, Independence doesn’t mean negligence, at AshianaAdvik you’ll always be under the care and safety of CCTV as well as guards. There’s an emergency response system in flats, and the campus is wheelchair friendly so you roam around freely. As most of your requirements are already taken care of, you’re ready to live at AshianaAdvik – independent and carefree.


Ashiana Senior Living Homes


Currently, more than 1800+ happy seniors are already staying at Ashiana Senior Living across Delhi (NCR), Jaipur, Lavasa-Pune, and Chennai.


Ashiana Advik is coming up on Alwar Bypass Road, Sector-39, Bhiwadi. Advik is spread over 16.9 acres of verdant landscapes and comes with new and innovative Activescapes, ensuring you never have a dull moment here. Ashiana Advik brings more convenience to semi-furnished homes including modular kitchens and wooden wardrobes. In addition to Activescapes, Advik brings Foodscapes, Morningscapes, Landscapes, Festivescapes, Sportingscapes, and Livingscapes – for you to enjoy and live every moment of your retirement life to the fullest. Advik comes with 1, 2, and 3 BHK flats in high-rise apartments as well as 3 BHK independent villas.


Life at Ashiana Advik will be nothing like you imagined, it will be like retirement life should be – healthy, active, hassle-free, and brimming with fun & enjoyment.


A Final Word


Life at Home can be a good life for many senior citizens – and we’re not calling it bad, but trying new things isn’t always a bad idea. Some of the senior citizens who tried the ‘Life at Senior Living Homes’ never went back to ‘Life at standalone homes’ – due to the utmost care, comfort, convenience, and community that the Senior Living Homes bring to the table.

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