Living in Ashiana Housing is instant gratification

Have you ever heard someone saying, “I am going back to my house”? The answer is negative. One always says that he/she is going back home. Home is a place where not only you live or crave to back after a day’s hard work, it’s a place where your dreams, aspirations, love, and care are preserved and nurtured. After all, home is a place where the heart belongs.

For me, owning a home in the Ashiana Housing is one such thought. It’s probably one of. Well to be honest, and to be dead honest, I always tell my friends that in my life, I have taken only 2 good decisions; marrying the love of my life and owning a home in Rangoli Garden, one of the Ashiana’s Projects. However, the former is a more personal decision; I would like to share my thoughts for the later one.

It’s probably one of the best places in Jaipur to live an outdoor lifestyle. And for that matter, almost all Ashiana’s property fall in this coveted category. We are five in the family and everyone is on the same page.

My younger son was fond of skating. And as you are aware, Indian cities do not have such facilities in ample and Jaipur is no different. Fortunately, there is a skating ring here. He practiced in it and won the state championship! Likewise, there are Courts for badminton, tennis, and basketball.

 Similarly, my elder son has adopted swimming as his hobby. Earlier, I used to take to him to a nearby swimming pool that was almost 5 kilometers from the place where I used to stay earlier. Taking him was a task & needless to mention that I used to pay monthly fees for the same. After shifting to Rangoli Garden all these issues were sorted out. So for my kids, this place is heaven. The only sad part is that it doesn’t have a football ground as my younger one has taken up to football. But, because of Rangoli Garden, even this issue is sorted out. I will tell you how? Before that, I want to share my mom’s experience.

Before shifting here, I got my mother to have a look at the project. She had lived her life in independent houses. Honestly, she wasn’t comfortable because of the mindset of not having ‘apni chat aur apni zameen’. To her staying in apartments is like hanging in the air!

She is a typical Indian woman whose only friend is her husband. Unfortunately, way back she lost her companion. She never understood the importance of spending time with friends. After a few months, of experiencing the facilities and carefree maintenance, she felt contented. She has developed her friends’ circle. Probably for the first time it happened in her life that she has friends whom she meets almost daily! Now every evening she leaves the four walls to chit chat with her friends. Just imagine how big this is for an elderly person who has lost h/er companion. And the fact of life is that no matter how good as son or daughter you are, you cannot always spend time with your parents. There is always the age difference. One always likes to spend time and share things with persons of the same age group. Now jokingly if I ask her to go back and shift in our earlier house, her answer is ‘‘you better do so, I will stay here only!!’’

When it comes to lifestyle homes, almost every lifestyle builder showcases the facilities that his/her project has. But the catch is ‘maintenance’. Most of the builders aren’t able to maintain the facilities offered in Lifestyle Communities real estate in India. With Ashiana Housing this isn’t the case.

Ashiana Housing is synonym with Comfort Homes. The upkeep of the project has been stupendous and it has made my life free from basic issues of maintenance. I no more hear my mother’s and wife voice shouting, ‘Please call the plumber’ or ‘Aaj sweeper nahin aaya’ or ‘power cut is damning’. Ashiana Housing has kept my mind free from these mundane, yet necessary things.    

If any of my relatives come to see us. S/he doesn’t leave without getting impressed with the landscape, greenery, clubhouse or maintenance. I have been oft taunted that I didn’t suggest them to buy a home there. Well, this is not a fact! I have suggested to at least 5 of my friends and relatives to buy a home in the properties of Ashiana. One of my relatives has a home in Vrinda Gardens, 3 of my friends have in Rangoli Garden & one has purchased a unit in Gulmohar Garden. My second apartment is in Umang!

The same is the feeling of the de facto boss of the home- the Wife. Half of your problems are solved if she is happy. And to make her so, one has to keep her away from daily botherations. With shopping plaza, our entire daily needs are taken care and there isn’t any urgency for us to rush to any other market place unless we need something big.

Moreover, regular functions keep her socially active. Proof of the pudding is, though being a government officer, she isn’t willing to shift in Government quarters for the very simple fact that she doesn’t want to forego the lifestyle she is enjoying at Rangoli Garden

Staying or owning a home in Ashiana Projects is not only value for money but it’s a value for life. Believe it not, when you live the lifestyle, it reflects in behavior.

Other than these aspects, the hallmark of the success of any project depends on the effect it creates around itself. Ashiana Housing changes the entire ecosystem around its projects. Post the phenomenon called Rangoli Garden, the locality has changed altogether. Best of the schools, sports academies, and shopping areas have sprung up. My younger son, the budding footballer, goes to an academy that is not even 100 meters from Rangoli Gardens!

High security and shopping complex keeps me tension free. When some of my friends and relatives visit our house, I proudly take them on a tour detour of the entire project. Happy family means happy you. We live in a world of instant gratification. Living in Ashiana Projects, which are in true sense Lifestyle Homes, is a gratification for me.

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