Making your house Vaastu Compliant 101

Vaastu Shastras is not only limited to the construction of your house. There are certain aspects of Vaastu in interior decoration as well. Moreover, once the construction is done, you can’t change it, but you can certainly make these changes in the interior decor of your home to make it more Vaastu compliant. With small changes in the decor of your home, you can bring in positive energy, health, and prosperity for yourself and your family. Be it windows, walls, the color, the texture, positioning of showpieces, etc. everything is described clearly in Vaastu Shastas. However, finding these Vaastu guidelines can be a tedious task for many of us. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some quick Vaastu tips for your home –

  • Entrance – For the entrance of your house, the most favorable directions are North, East, and Northeast. The entrance shouldn’t be ill-lit or gloomy, keep it well illuminated with some bright lights, and a floral wall hanging will do wonders! Most people put a shoe rack near the entrance but according to Vaastu Shastras, it should be avoided. In addition to the shoe rack, dustbins should also be avoided near the entrance.
  • Vaastu mandates for Paintings – First and the foremost thing to note about artworks/paintings is avoiding dull, gloomy, or violent paintings at all costs. Paintings related to water like a waterfall, a river, or a beach are best suited for the walls in the northeast, as the northeast direction is of water element. Make sure to avoid paintings of singular objects in the bedroom as it symbolizes loneliness, any painting depicting a couple – a couple of swans or some flowers can be put. For the southwest walls, you can put up paintings of mountains or tall buildings, this strengthens the earth element of your house and is said to provide stability.
  • Vaastu compliant plants – You might have noticed how the Tulsi plant is common to almost all the houses where there are plants! It is a sacred plant and is directly connected with the household’s prosperity. However, for best results, it should be kept in the northeast, east, or north. Another plant, which helps keep negative energies at bay and is said to restore balance in the house, is the bamboo plant, and the ideal direction for it is in the east or southeast. Another important plant is the money plant. Yes, as the name suggests, it is said to bring money and auspiciousness in the household – however, the most common mistake is keeping money plants outside the house! It should always be kept in a decorative way, inside the house, ideally in the southwest corner of any room. Jade, Jasmin, Lily, Periwinkle(Sadabahar) are some other plants that can be kept in the house for good luck!
  • Lighting tips – According to Vaastu Shastras, the house should be well-illuminated in the night as well as ample natural light should come into the house. Any broken/fused bulb should be changed immediately. There’s a thin line between bright light and harsh light, make sure that no lights in the house feel harsh. The kitchen should have uniform lighting, and the south zone of the home should be illuminated with spotlights. Spotlights are recommended over the pictures of people of the house, as well as the family pictures, it is said to bring good health for the people.

Some other common Vaastu tips include –

  • Avoid dark colors for the ceilings, always use light shades of blue, white, or peach.
  • Avoid thorny plants. Rose is an exception.
  • Avoid dark colors for the curtains as well.
  • Clear spiderwebs as frequently as possible, those hinder financial growth.
  • Keep the living room as clean and clutter-free as possible.
  • Try and avoid a spiral staircase, it is unsafe, as well as brings negative energy.
  • Always remove or repair non-working clocks.
  • Try keeping mirrors on the walls facing either east or north, avoid any mirrors in front of the bed.

These are some common Vaastu tips that you can follow post the construction of your house to make the most out of the Vaastu Shastras.

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