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A little hot and humid day of the month of May. It had hardly been one and a half month of shifting to my brand new flat at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi. I chose to find comfort from the sweltering heat in the cooling swimming pool of the club house than to sit in the artificial cooling of the air conditioner. As I float with my eyes closed and allow the calm to sink in, my thoughts are disturbed by the distant sounds of the tinkling jewellery. I see couple of ladies all in multicolored, beautiful dresses and jewellery. I get curious. Ah! So this is what Ashiana was inviting us residents to witness, an Award Function for Supermoms Season 3. I was mere a spectator and a part of the audience in that grand and gala evening. Few days later, I met Ms. Rati during the orientation program of Season 4. She looked sharp and professional.Though someone had managed to bring me to this introduction of the program and I hesitantly gave my name and number, I was not sure if I wanted to join it. I still remembered those close to perfection, all decked up ladies from different Ashiana Housing Locations. They performed on stage like a pro. I kept contemplating for an another month or so. Meanwhile, I thought it was not a bad idea to earn easy points. 

By the time month of June arrived and I realised I would be comparatively available because the summer vacations of my daughter started, I had planned my first Session of baking quick mug cakes and A Session on Safety for all Tarang Children.
I can never forget going door to door to invite people to attend my Session. This gave me an opportunity to not only come out of my shell but also to break the ice and open up in new neighborhood. I received an overwhelming response from all the fellow Supermoms who at that time were not a part of this program. We were two People who used to help and support each other and today we are a brigade of close to 50 Supermoms or probably more now.
I have seen other Supermoms who were not so confident or had stage fright, coming up as super confident Supermoms. We all have become a community of people learning, teaching, helping and sharing with each other. There is nothing better than a woman helping the other woman rise.
What surprised me was the fact that Super Active Supermoms were not only the young mothers but grandmothers also. I have not seen more enthusiastic and zealous lot before. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastically they developed interest in learning new technologies and applications in no time. They actually amazed me with the results. 

My husband says, “it is very important to know and have a clean and clear motive behind anything you do.”

I believe, Ashiana Housing began this program with a sole motive to encourage housewives to discover their true potential within the comfort of their set routines. They have done it quite successfully.
As for me, I am still basking in the joy of finding my happiness and success through community welfare I was involved into through Ashiana Supermoms program. Yes! I feel like I am back to school or college holding my trophy and feeling on top of the world. …but the true contentment came when I connected with underprivileged children. The vacuum in my heart was filled the moment I associated with them. Every time any of them finds me taking a stroll in the society park or see me standing in my balcony they jump with joy.
When will you come? Mem! (Ma’am) says one.
The material wealth, achievements, and success may bring the temporary happiness but true contentment lies in the fulfillment of relationships. …and the true relationships are those that are tied with the string of unconditional love for those who can’t give anything back to you but love.
Another gift I received from this program is a wonderful friend- Anshika Mathur. It was amazing how we thought alike. The connection between us two was flawless and whenever I meet her I get back to my teenage. We laugh, enjoy and have fun forgetting all our worries.
     Ashiana Housing’s core value reflects in caring for their residents like a loving mother which is depicted in their logo. I am glad they abide by it. What a beautiful  year I had. This program kept me occupied so well that I would be so tired by the end of the day and sleep like a baby. I did compete with my fellow Supermoms but at the same time I learnt much more. Before taking an Expert Session I spent hours learning it. I learnt to dance and enjoy it. Thank you! Ashiana Housing for this unique and memorable experience. I will remember it forever.

I want to mention Sunita Singh the teacher from Phoolwari of Ashiana Tarang. Every time I went to her with my crazy ideas she showed equal amount of zeal and enthusiasm. From Celebrating daughter’s day with Phoolwari children and their working moms to making the polar express train engine for celebrating Christmas.
Team Maintenance of my Society only knew me by my flat number. Once I began to take their classes, they knew me well. Ms. Lovely and Mr. Ravi Dua who head team maintenance always helped me organise the events well.
This program not only took my boredom away but taught me much more and gifted me friends for life. Thank you! Ashiana Housing I hope and wish this program grows in leaps and bounds and many more moms can benefit from it in future. All the best! 

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Tabbsum, An author by passion and profession. A proud resident of Ashiana Tarang. Loves to write articles and short stories for children and women on popular blogging sites. She strongly believe in motivating, encouraging and supporting mothers. Loves to be surrounded by children and teaching them new things.

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