Nine business ideas that can be started in Jaipur in the present-day

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Jaipur is amongone of the fastest-growing industrial hubs in the country. Moreover, the fourthindustrial policy of the state(1998), has made Jaipur more favorable forsetting up industries.

The policy has envisaged an attractive package of incentives to industries, which inter alia included sales tax exemption/ deferment, interest subsidy, octroi exemption, DG subsidy, subsidy for agro-based units, incentives for quality certification, reduction in stamp duty, special scheme including interest subsidy and exemption from entertainment tax for amusement parks/cinemas/hotels, simplification of land conversion and exemption of land and building tax. (Read More –

Jaipur is home to a lot ofindustries like Auto & auto components, mining & minerals, cement, IT& ITeS, Textile, Agro-based industries, Chemicals, Steel, Ceramics, Gems& Jewellery, Marble, Handicraft, Energy, etc.  However, to start a new business, one musttake into consideration the saturation in the market and rise/fall of theproduct/service demand in the coming future.

What comes in more handy aboutJaipur are the ample residential locations associated with nearby commercialregions. Jagatpura, a prominent residential cumcommercial area situated in the south eastern periphery of Jaipur is in closeproximity to employment hubs like Malviya Nagar Industrial Area and SitapuraIndustrial Area while Vaishali nagar & vaishali extension are the residentialareas close to the heart of the city and perfect spots for living close towork. Setting up work in Jaipur is as full of opportunities as it could be withthe richness in lifestyle and the shimmers of the city and residing here isequally fun. From owning a residence near Chokhi Dhani on Tonk road, a hub fortourists to living near Mahindra SEZ, the multi-industry Special Economic Zone,Jaipur city has got it all to hand out to you.

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Nine business ideas that can bestarted in Jaipur in the present-day are-

  1. Soap & Detergent Manufacturing

It might sound a bitweird, but for a state like Rajasthan, this can be one of the most profitablebusinesses, due to the high availability of minerals in the state. The onlybarrier is the market hold by top brands, however, starting off with smallscale production and wise marketing, soap manufacturing can become a reallysuccessful venture.

  1. Photography

Jaipur has always beenrich in tourism, and there are already thousands of photographers around thecity but that does not mean that the business is saturated. There’s always ademand for good photographs, be it calendars, or bloggers, or travel agencies,pictures are required by all, and in a location like Jaipur, there are neverenough photographs.

  1. Homestays

Most tourists thesedays prefer homestays over hotels, homestays are mainly cheaper than hotels andyet provide a more culturally rich staying experience to the tourists.Homestays require much less capital expense than a hotel, and hence, prove tobe a profitable business idea.

  1. Warehouse Renting

Jaipur is one of thefastest-growing industrial hubs of India. Multiple domain industries have beenset-up in the city and many more continue. As a result, online shopping forgoods has increased exponentially. In such a scenario, a warehouse is always indemand, all it requires is some extra space, and you’re good to rent it as awarehouse for e-commerce websites.

  1. Travel Blogging

In a culturally richcity like Jaipur, travel blogging can be highly successful. Moreover, the wholestate of Rajasthan attracts a lot of tourism, and Jaipur is the capital of thestate, making it easier to travel to everywhere else in the state and blogabout the location.

  1. Jewellery Designing & Classes

15% of India’s exportcomprises of Gems & Jewellery, and most of the precious stones come fromRajasthan. A small scale Jewellery designing business and Jewellery DesigningClasses can be highly profitable in the state, with less capital investment andconsiderable knowledge of Jewellery and precious stones, it can be a highlysuccessful venture.

  1. Automobile Service and Spares

With the growingpopulation and heavy tourism, automobile industry always remains at an all-timehigh in the region. More automobiles, more vehicles on the road directly meanmore service requirement. Hence, automobile service is a profitable business.Moreover, spare parts can also be sold to nearby automobile industries inBhiwadi region.

  1. Pet Sitting/Pet Friendly Hangouts

Pet Cafes or PetSitting have become popular in the cities these days. Such businesses are notonly profitable but provide pet owners with a place where they, and their petscan relax and helps towards building a community of like minded people

  1. IT-Based Startups

Lately, Jaipur has beenemerging as one of the leading Startup-hubs of the country. With popularstartups like – CarDekho, Voylla, Instacash, Tax2Win, Indibni, Lexcart, etc. ithas given a platform to new-age entrepreneurs, and the Rajasthan Government hascome up with schemes benefitting the startup culture in the city.

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