Poor Sportsmanship and Lack of Team Play in Kids

It was 8:00 am on a pleasant Sunday morning when Sheena woke up late and saw her husband and son engaged on the phone just after getting out of the beds. His husband working and his son playing games. She could hear the kids screaming in the garden and playing but then she saw her child busy playing on the phone. After finishing her routine tasks, she decided to break through this habit of her family of being busy on the gadgets every Sunday and asked both of them to go out and lets enjoy Sunday morning with some games and fun in the park.

She wanted her child to inculcate some of these habits in him. Habits like confidence, sense of authority, team player, sportsmanship, minute details and a lot more. These habits will make him strong in the coming years and will make him grow as a active confident professional person. However, playing on mobiles phone will make him weak and behind other children because he would never learn to mingle up with others.

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Both Sheena and her husband took back to their active and healthy childhood memories and realized that unlikely their child is becoming dull and lazy sitting at home whole day long. He is lacking the skills of interacting with new people and as parents even they ignored the same. They were concentrating on his intellectual growth but forgot how physical and creative growth is equally important for him.

Seeing their son playing on the ground finally made them realise that their child was giving up the most precious and important time of his life. They both called him and sat with him for a while explaining that this is the time when you can learn how to be confident and to deal with your problems by your own. To become a person, one should always look at. These outdoor games will make you the right person to stand alone in the crowd but still be on the top of it. It will make you learn how to make friends and how to adjust with all the happenings in your life. Wasting time sitting and playing on the Smartphone will never take you anywhere. Playing with different kids always boosts up your moral and confidence in you.

And in the next second, they were elated to see their child playing and enjoying with other society kids, interacting with them and having fun in open air.

“Kids are like jellies, treat them softly and you will see how they smoothly mixes up with different people/things. “

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