Proud Moment for Ashiana Housing for being Ranked No.1

Even though the current situation of market due to COVID-19 has been challenging and everything has been weathering the slowdown, Ashiana Housing has got some great news to share. Ashiana Housing has yet again ranked No.1 Senior Living across India, now for the 4th year in a row by Track2Realty earmarking its brand leadership into the category living.

In the 8th edition of Track2Realty BrandXReport 2019-20, the independent media group has taken it a few steps further into evaluation of brands even in prospect of COVID-19 emergency. And with a resourceful think-tank on the sector with specialized research reports and rating & ranking, they have come up with their well adjudicated report keeping customers at prime significance.

Senior Housing segment has become a competitive market with time and acceptance by the customers. The brands into the segment are getting competitive as well since differentiation is needed to make it work.

Proudly, Ashiana Housing by far, continues to be the Brand Leader in the segment now for the 4th  consecutive year. We at Ashiana take pride in marching the flagship Senior Living Projects as one of the early and prominent brands who introduced the category into the Indian Market.
Apart from the category milestone, we have achieved another Golden Feather to our hat as listed under TOP 10 REALTY BRANDS OF INDIA.

For Realty market, North India has been the most happening zone where some of the established brands are have lost their competitive edge and new players are scaling up pretty fast. Some of the large players by market size/fiscal topline failed to find a place in Brand Leadership due to poor consumer confidence. Having the core-geography advantage for our project and a great consumer confidence, Ashiana Housing is also listed as one of the Top 3 Brands in North India and maintained it’s ranking over the previous year even in such challenging times.

Track2Realty Brand Ranking 2019-20
 No.1 Senior Living across India, 4th year in a row by Track2Realty
 Among Top 3 Realty Brands of North India
 Among Top 10 Realty Brands of India
One of the most interesting excerpts from the report was the following, dedicated to Ashiana Housing by the critics:

“One brand that has surprised many with its slow & steady march to the national brand leadership is Ashiana Housing. Ashiana enters into National Brand Leadership for the first time this year. After 2012-13, this is the first time that more than one North Indian brands are into the Top 10 list of Brand Leadership.”

With the determined support to our customers as dedicated priority, Ashiana Housing Ltd. has evolved to be one of the most trusted brands in category living, residential segment and lauded as one of the top brands of Realty in India. Our residential real estate development projects range from apartments to group housing projects. In addition, we also
develop limited retail and commercial properties, including hotels as well as retirement homes for senior citizens.

In a nutshell, Ashiana Housing’s success on this front is not just the recognition but an imprint of trust and confidence the customers have bestowed to the brand over all these years.

We appreciate and congratulate each and everyone who has played a part for their patience, hardwork and commitment in making this success milestone possible for the brand.

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