Ready to move in flats: new favorites of homebuyers?


As we’re moving to a new era and a whole new generation of homebuyers is around, we see a significant rise in the prices of Ready to Move in or RTMI flats. It is also practical,  anyone will prefer buying something that you can see in front of you and inspect instead of something that you can only see a blueprint of and wait for it to be complete in some time. We’ll be taking a closer look into RTMI flats, why are they gaining popularity and their advantages and disadvantages in the further sections of this blog.


If you’re an impatient buyer you’ll probably prefer RTMI flats because they’re right in front of your eyes and their possession doesn’t take several months or years. Moreover, you can yourself visit the site, examine it, and see for yourself if you’re getting a good deal.


The advantages of RTMI flats are –


What You See Is What You Get. For flats that are still under construction final result may be slightly different than what you expected or saw in the supposed photos. This is something that will never happen in RTMI flats.

  • Available without any delay

Flats that are under construction may be available to you after say 3 or 5 or even 10 years. But RTMI flats are available for possession as soon as the paperwork is done.

  • No GST

Under-construction flats are table under GST at 5%, however, RTMI flats are excluded from any GST. 5% might not seem that much but suppose you’re buying a flat worth Rs. 1 Crore then 5% is Rs. 5 Lakhs! Imagine saving that much amount while buying a house! It’s huge!

  • Easy financing

Since RTMI flats are tangible from day 1, it is easy for the bank employees or housing finance teams to inspect everything which leads to hassle-free financing, and further reduces the waiting time for you.

  • Tax benefit on home loan repayment

Did you know that under the income tax act, you can get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs on principal repayment and that of up to Rs. 2 Lakhs on interest repayment under Sections 80 C and 24(b) respectively. However, this tax benefit is only applicable for flats whose construction is finished and thus is not applicable for under-construction flats.

  • Instant relief from paying rent

On booking an under-construction flat, you’d have to pay the loan EMI as well as the rent of the house/flat you’re currently living in for the waiting time period. Imagine spending almost double for a lot of 5-10 years! This problem is solved in RTMI flats as when you move in you’re free from any rent, and the only deduction from your pockets is the loan EMI.

Their disadvantages-

  • No quality control

While buying an RTMI flat you don’t know the quality of raw materials used, the sustainability of the structure. Worst-case scenario, the builder might be a cheat and might have used cheap materials in construction. This not only leads to repairing needs in a couple of years but is also dangerous for the lives of the residents living in these flats. To avoid such a scenario, it is important to choose the builder or the brand carefully and do fair market research about them.

  • Heavier on pocket

Generally, RTMI flats cost more than under-construction flats. This is due to many reasons. You can pay easy installments for RTMI flats without even taking a housing loan, but in the case of RTMI flats, they require the whole payment altogether or in just 3-4 installments which means paying a lot of money in a lesser time frame.

  • Lots of paperwork

RTMI flats involve a lot of paperwork ranging from stamp duty to transfer documents. Under-construction flats require less paperwork and that too is often facilitated by the builder or the company you’re buying from.


That being said, a lot of advantages and disadvantages are dynamic. For example-


Quality control is not an issue if you’re buying RTMI flats from a reputed builder. A reputed builder or brand has a lot at stake and they never compromise with the quality of construction.


Lots of paperwork is not a problem if the builder or the company you’re buying from assists you throughout the buying process.


At the end of the day, both RTMI flats and under-construction flats have their own merits and demerits. However, one shoe never fits all, and for certain people, RTMI flats might be a better option than under-construction flats and vice-versa.

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