Real Estate: Financial Well-Being from Self to Wealth

Nowadays, the most important thing on everyone’s mind is – “self well-being”. Mostly it is the physical well-being on which the whole nation is striking hard. Simultaneous to that, there is another very important aspect, the aspect of financial well-being, in the talks. As unless the financial well-being is there, a lot of people will be on extreme difference.

One of the most important aspect of the economy for any country is none other than the Real Estate. As because, if the real estate in itself is unwell or in distress then that won’t count for anything good over the national economy & stability. So according to the prevailing situation, the main question in every mind is about the reality of real estate and post COVID-
19 scenarios. Every mind is pondering over the thought of what has been so far witnessed and what impacts are there on this industry.

There is a famous saying about this industry which goes like- “Real estate is called The Real Estate because it is REAL in actual senses.” But this is what nowadays is bothering everyone around. Every mind is interested to know about its present status and also about the impacts due to this pandemic.

Putting an end to this, just once examine the real estate assets, apart from taxation, and several other benefits. What did you notice? Wasn’t it even then as well, the return of the real estate is the highest! The investment here is undoubtedly always under one’s own control and possession which can be even disposed-off when required. So, if you are having the surplus funds, then you ought to avail the advantage of various government schemes and invest in this industry.

Many of you might have been living in a rented house and would still have to be there during this pandemic? And some of you might have even feel helpless and stressed out paying those high rents too. Honestly telling, what was the first thought that ruled your mind? Wasn’t that about the situation of owning and staying in your own house? Living in an owned house and living in rented one especially after this pandemic counts a great difference. So, post COVID, owning a real estate asset will be one of the most essential and even prioritized aspect for both, the millennials as well as for the current lower middle-income group.

Who doesn’t want to live in a secure and hygienic environment? None! So, even if the talk is about today’s prevailing situation of “Work from home” more than just an investment, buying or owning a home has become a necessity in order to award oneself a feeling of security and a healthy environment.

COVID-19 has not just impacted people’s lifestyle & people’s mind set but also has impacted the working style and rules-regulations of government’s various schemes like “Affordable rental scheme” focusing mainly the labour and the low middle-income groups. So, today with all the favorable things in hand, there can be no better time to own a home. As ownership is
something where well-being of a customer is preferred over the rental model. It has now turned to the situation of Today or Never.

Talking about housing without mentioning Ashiana is not possible. The company is leaving no stone unturned. Even in this pandemic, Ashiana Housing is delivering the maximum houses fulfilling your dream homes without a blockade. So, guys if at all you want to have a secure long-term investment nothing can be better than investing in real estate with right
players like Ashiana Housing Limited.

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