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While making a financial layout to have a secure your retirement, earning a passive income or even to create an emergency funds-cushion, the ‘investment’ will always be the idiom that’s referred to. Investment no doubt a big commitment, but an important one as it manages your money for good. Investment acts as both present & future financial security. It not only enables one to secure more money in the bank but also end up with a passive stream of income if done right.

But the most worrying questions that arise are “Should I actually do it?”, “Is it safe to invest?”, “In the current economic times, where to invest my money?”, and more ruckus of queries. However, there is no universal answer to all these questions that would suit one & all. But there is for sure a golden answer to what is the safest and best investment one can make today – REAL ESTATE.

When you think of investment the first names that pop up in your mind are the acclaimed Sensex, NIFTY, stock market or the deposits & bonds. About a decade ago when the economic world saw The Great Recession, where financial confidence, job security & the means to invest in the market were drastically shaken, the bonds and the stocks took a serious hit as their prices are highly subjected to the market fluctuations making it extremely volatile and not under an individual’s control. While the market seems to be a sweet spot as an investment option for many, the churning of investment wheel there is and has always proven to be more effective is the Real Estate segment.

YES, Real Estate Investment is your answer. And YES you should do it. Real Estate investments are considered to be the growth investment as it gives higher potential returns, hedges over inflation, greater stability, and diversification. It is appealing because it is a tangible asset that can be controlled, with the added benefit of diversification. The idea of investors owning something concrete which they can count on as a physical-accountable asset is itself promoting the trust amongst investors. If you invest in bonds, stocks, or a tangible private offering, your success is majorly dependent on factors outside of your control. At most, one’s options are to hold or sell. But on a brighter contrary, with real estate, you have unlimited options..

It is always said that real estate makes for a solid investment, while that is true, there are still quite a few statements to prove the point:

  • Unlike the bonds or the stock market, real estate has a significantly high tangible asset value which can always be transacted for monetary gains as its value consistently increases over time. It is always streets ahead of almost all the other investments.

  • It makes up for stable and attractive returns on investment if you are in it for the long-haul and not a quick-returns. Investing in residential properties that produce rental income year-round is one of the surest means to a passive income.

  • Real estate investment has always proven to provide a hedge against inflation as it tends to ensure an equal or increased in valuation over a specified period. Its majorly because the home values and rents typically hikes-up during times of inflation. So, even when the economy seems to tremble down and one feels their hard-earned money getting de-valued, the investment in this sector will come to the rescue!

  • Investing in real estate is seen as one of the best ways for financial freedom and to achieve wealth. Purchasing a home or “The Asset of Tomorrow” also lets you enjoy a hand full of tax benefits & exemptions that help save tax.

  • Real Estate Investment allows the money appreciation to get a better Return on Investment (ROI), even when the whole economic scene is looking bleak.

And this list can go on about how real estate investments are the safest option. The reason that trumps everything else is that this investment gives you the greatest sense of belonging. Real Estate gives you a place that you can call your own. It’s not just any rent-out apartment for which you have to pay thousands of rupees every month and yet feel like an outsider. A home for yourself and your family that you can decorate as you want and create memories in.

The Investive Conclusion

While taking up the road to investment, it is very important to draft down the goals as well as objectives as it helps you to stay truly focussed towards achieving it. Investing in Gold at the current astronomically high prices makes no sense as well. Investing in real estate is significantly a better place to grow your money than letting cash depreciate while holding it in banks. We have seen it all, from demonetization to risky stock markets & to shutting down of banks where you keep your life’s savings in terms of bonds or FDs or even in your savings account in the hope of getting that 5% of interest as an appreciation of trusting the banks.

It is rightly believed that buying is always better than renting. As a matter of fact, real wealth is made by buying when everyone else is selling and vice versa. While there are many who talk about recession, with increasing prices and transactions, it is always a good time to buy real estate. When you invest in your surroundings (specifically real estate), you actually invest in yourself. So, invest away!

Investment in real estate has a well-deserved and age-old reputation for combining stability with excellent yield as you have more options than with other types of investments. You can buy a house as an investment for the future and rent it out in present to secure a passive income. If you buy a rental that is appreciating in value significantly, you can simply sell it. Real estate can be rehabbed, refinanced and rezoned. You can buy it, lease it, subdivide it, or add segments to it in terms of refurnishing & reselling.

TThe increasing number of new properties each year is the attestation to the growing real estate market. Supply is effectively followed demand, and demand is continuing to see a rise. Populations almost never decreases, which is why the need for real estate infrastructures increases year over year. Make the perfect decision of your life now and invest safely in real estate to protect your wealth.

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