Record High Housing Sales in India: Right Time to Buy Property?


The Indian real estate market has experienced a remarkable surge in housing sales during the second quarter of 2023, reaching an all-time high. Despite challenges such as rising home loan rates and global economic uncertainties, the demand for housing units remains robust. According to the latest data released by real estate consultancy firm ANAROCK, nearly 1,15,100 units were sold in the top seven cities of India during this period, representing a significant 36% year-on-year increase. This surge in housing sales not only highlights the resilience of the market but also presents an opportune time for prospective homebuyers. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the reasons behind this surge and discuss why it is the right time to consider purchasing property in India.


Strong Year-on-Year Growth:


The second quarter of 2023 witnessed a remarkable 36% year-on-year increase in housing sales. Compared to the approximately 84,940 units sold in the same period of 2022, the sale of nearly 1,15,100 units demonstrates the robustness of the Indian housing market. Despite factors such as rising home loan rates and global economic headwinds, the demand for housing units remains steadfast. This growth indicates the continued confidence of buyers in the market and their willingness to invest in real estate.


Pune and MMR Lead the Sales Growth:


Among the top seven cities, Pune and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) emerged as the driving forces behind the surge in housing sales. These two cities accounted for over 51% of the total sales, with Pune witnessing a remarkable 65% year-on-year jump in housing sales. The sale of approximately 58,770 units in Pune and MMR combined showcases their prominence in the market. The availability of job opportunities, infrastructure development, and a favorable living environment have contributed to the increased demand for housing in these regions.


New Launches Show Promise:


In addition to the surge in housing sales, the second quarter of 2023 saw a significant increase in new housing project launches. The number of new units introduced exceeded the one lakh mark, showcasing a 25% year-on-year growth. This increase reflects the market’s confidence and its willingness to cater to the growing demand for housing. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region and Pune accounted for a whopping 63% of the total new launches across the top seven cities, thus, once again dominating the new supply. The introduction of new projects indicates the continuous efforts of developers to meet the evolving needs and preferences of homebuyers.


Mid-Segment Homes Prevail:


The mid-segment housing category, with prices ranging from INR 40 lakhs to 80 lakhs, continues to dominate the market. It captured a significant 31% share of the new supply, highlighting the preference for affordable yet comfortable housing options. The availability of mid-segment homes caters to the aspirations of the middle-class population, which forms a substantial part of the homebuying segment. The premium segment (INR 80 lakh – INR 1.5 crore) and luxury segment (above INR 1.5 crore) followed closely with shares of 27% and 23% respectively. This diverse range of offerings ensures that housing options are available for individuals with varying budgets and preferences.


Favorable Property Prices:


There was a moderate increase in the average residential property prices across the top seven cities i.e. around 6-10%, despite the increase in housing sales. This rise can be attributed to the escalating prices of construction raw materials and the surge in demand. While an increase in prices might seem discouraging, it is important to note that the market remains attractive for buyers. The availability of affordable home loan options and the potential for future appreciation make this an opportune time to invest in property. By entering the market at this stage, buyers can benefit from potential price appreciation and secure their financial future.


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The record-breaking housing sales in India during the second quarter of 2023 indicate a thriving real estate market and present an opportune moment for prospective homebuyers. Despite challenges such as rising home loan rates and global economic uncertainties, the demand for housing remains strong. Pune and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region have emerged as key contributors to the sales growth, with new launches surpassing expectations.


The prevalence of mid-segment homes and the moderate price appreciation make this an appealing time to consider investing in property. As the Indian real estate market continues to display resilience and promising growth, now is the right time to make a move and fulfill your dream of owning a home.


With favorable market conditions and a wide range of housing options available, seize the opportunity and take a step towards securing your future in the Indian real estate market. Remember, the right time to invest in property is when the market is thriving, and the Indian real estate market is currently offering promising opportunities for homebuyers.

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