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Living Life at One’s Own Pace

The tradition of living in a joint family and taking care of one and other does not hold true anymore. As India is becoming westernized, nuclear families are becoming the norm.

Senior citizens are now understandably looking for a retirement life that is easy-going, harmonious, joyful and more importantly independent. This becomes difficult especially for elderly who are alone and need nursing care.

With increasing demand for facilities where the elderly can lead a life of dignity, without compromising on the mandatory nursing attention, care homes seem to be the way forward.

The Care Home Advantage:

Care homes reward the elderly with the life they deserve. It is a practical concept that provides assistance for performing daily activities, maintaining hygiene, health and medication management. With customized care, care homes play a major role in improving the quality of life. These homes create an environment conducive for the elderly by creating a home-like setting.

24×7 professional medical and support team relieves the family from worrying about their elders. They can make frequent visits and watch their elders live life to the fullest.

Senior Care Homes – Home with a Difference

  • Care homes provide people-oriented services, ensuring hassle-free living. The care homes are equipped with 24×7 doctors, nurses on call and caregivers. They assist the elderly in everyday activities, along with providing medical care.

  • Dedicated, professional and trained staff helps senior citizens with eating, bathing, toileting, changing clothes, and other normal actions that can become tedious for the elderly.

  • The elderly do not have to live and feel like patients in a hospital. They feel dignified and self-reliant. The camaraderie they can share with people their own age, the various fun activities they will be able to enjoy, hobby classes and the like, will ensure that all their needs are addressed, not just medical.

  • Senior citizens become a part of a like minded community where they can reflect their best moments, share their experience and make new memories.

  • Care homes also offer personalized care to maintain the sense of individuality. You can personalize the fully furnished residence according to your requirements. Personal memorabilia, photographs, books etc. can be used to decorate the abode.

  • Bathrooms are equipped with anti-skid flooring and handle-grabs to assist safe mobility. The beds can be converted to recliners and the meal timings can be altered to suit one’s requirements. All this, with a doctor overseeing the proceedings to ensure optimal health and safety.

Ashiana  Care Homes

Ashiana Care Homes is one such facility that offers the elders the medical assistance they need and the social assistance they deserve. Utsav Care Homes is a concept that provides housing, support services and personalized care for elderly individuals who may need help with daily activities, hygiene maintenance along with daily routine & medication management. It is a combination of home living with professional & customized care.

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