Senior Living – “This is not an Old Age Home”

One of the major differences between Senior Living Homes and Old Age Homes is that while the former supports living the latter is highly based on survival. We’ve often seen in movies as well as in real life the poor condition of Old-Age Homes and the Senior Citizens who live there. Old Age Homes are usually dormitories with bare minimum facilities, understaffed, with no activity, and feel quite lifeless. It is a good thing though that slowly and steadily, Old Age Homes would be replaced by something much better – Senior Living Homes.   Think of Housing Societies with all the basic amenities and luxurious facilities – great architecture, events conducted regularly, clubhouse, multiple sports facilities, etc. Senior Living Homes are just that and much more, the only difference being that, unlike a Housing Society, in SLHs only Senior Citizens are allowed to live. Senior Living Homes are the new-age retirement destinations where Senior Citizens can truly enjoy their retirement days while being active, social, healthy, happy, and safe at all times.   Old Age Homes gives a more hostel-like feeling whereas Senior Living Homes give a campus-like feeling. There are no activities in Old Age Homes that can engage Senior Citizens and keep them active. In Senior Living Homes, there are so many things to do that Senior Citizens may find it difficult to choose their favorite activities!   Unlike the dormitories in Old Age Homes, Senior Living Homes consist of independent flats and/or villas which gives a sense of independence to our Senior Citizens. Moreover, SLHs come with a routine of activities from meditation to sports to meals, everything falls under the routine that our residents can follow. We understand that on some days routines can be a little too much, hence, our residents are free to choose. The independence of choice is the first thing that sets Senior Living Homes apart from Old Age Homes.  

Senior Living Homes with trust of a Brand

  Senior Living Homes are a relatively newer concept in the country, however, many real estate companies have started developing Senior Living Homes now. Ashiana Housing – is the pioneer in Senior Living Homes and popularized the concept in the country. We currently serve more than 1800 happy seniors across our three Senior Living Projects –     Recently, we’ve launched our most premium Senior Living Home yet – Ashiana Advik. With Advik, we aim to further revolutionize Senior Living in India. Advik is spread over 16.9 acres of lush green spaces and brings in new and innovative Activescapes. Activescapes are designed to keep Senior Citizens active at all times, these include things like – Morningscapes, Landscapes, Greenscapes, Sprotingscapes, Foodscapes, Homescapes, Livingscapes, and many more!   Ashiana’s promise of safety and security is followed in Advik as in other SLHs. All our homes come with age-friendly designs and facilities like –  
  • Chamfererd Wall Edges
  • Anti-Skid Tiles
  • Grabrails in Bathrooms
  • Night Lamps in Master Bedroom
  • Wheelchair accessible flats and campus
  • Switches with LED indicators
  • Pharmacy and Utility store on campus
  • On-call doctors
  • 24×7 Ambulance and nurses
  • Tie-ups with prominent hospitals
  We at Ashiana Senior Living believe in providing the best possible lifestyle to Senior Citizens while at the same time taking care of their safety, security, health, and social life altogether. With Advik, we only aim to outdo ourselves and set new benchmarks.   Visit our site for registration and further information.

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