Silver Parents Step Beyond The Conventional Family Support System

Sushil is a 65-year-old retired professor living in Gurgaon with his wife, Keerti, a 59 year old homemaker. Their two children Rahul and Sonia are well settled in USA. Earlier the family would reunite 2-3 times a year; either the parents would go to the US or their children would visit. But now as the couple is getting older and the children are getting busy with their lives, they are finding it difficult to meet each other.

Residents at Ashiana Senior Living Bhiwadi.

Keerti, a diabetic for the last 7 years, had a heart attack few months ago, and has been asked not to travel. Their children lead a busy life, juggling between job, bills, mortgages and kids. They have not been able to travel to India as much as they would have liked to and support their parents during these trying times. Hence, they actively start looking for some way to assist their parents locally.

Rahul and Sonia get talking “Ma and Pa are both growing old and are leading a very dormant life. They need more support than ever. Who can we trust in a city like Gurgaon for their daily old age needs? We must do something.”

Sonia who hasseen one senior living project inthe US and was impressed with the kind of lifestyle seniors were enjoying. So, she discussed with Rahul and they both decided that their ma & pa should spend their retirement days in such a worry-freeenvironment.

While searching on the net, she came around one of the properties in Bhiwadi which is very close to Delhi-NCR. At first, Sushil and Keerti are extremely hesitant and dismiss the idea saying, “We have relatives around us; our trusted domestic help is around; we will manage.” But she requested them to visit the property once.

When they visited the project, they were amazed to see resort-like open and green environment ,deatiling done to suit the needs of seniors and the activity area where seniors were hanging out specially in the dining area which reminded of their college days. They also spoke with other couples living there and realisedhow actively and securely they are enjoying their golden years.

Sushil and Keerti then decided to go beyond the traditional idea of depending on their domestic help and relatives as they grow old,and enjoy their senior innings in their new home.

Now they share their excitement with their friends and relatives – “This is truly the best gift our children could give us.These are not just senior living homes – “Senior-loving homes.”

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