Buying a property is one hell of a decision and a one-time decision for many. While on the hunt for it, it so happens that you see some properties and you like some of them. Then comes the call, which one to buy. Well, it’s not just one decision, but a number of essential factors that cumulatively help you in making this great decision effectively. You may get a gut feeling about a property/deal that may seem quite good, but it is not a decision to be made in a hurry, rather proper study and extensive thinking could go in before making this decision.

Here are some necessary checkpoints to traverse through before actually buying a property:

  • The credibility of the project and builder: Check all the paperwork of the builder, ranging from land rights to environment certificate(s), and whatnots. Check if the project is registered and comes under RERA or not. Also, if possible, run a quick, short profile check of the builder and his/her goodwill in the market.

  • Area of the property: Many a time, builders tend to lure customers by telling super area and not the carpet area. The Super area includes stairs, lobbies, and other common spaces used by all the residents. Make sure to know the carpet area i.e. effective area of your house, including the walls and other features of infrastructure.

  • No hidden costs: At the time of booking a flat/a property, builders generally tell you about a lot of freebies, check again if they are actually free. Sometimes these “freebies” are just amenities with the cost included in the total cost of the property.

  • Banks who are financing the project: With so much increased competition in real estate, builders often take loans from banks to complete the project, make a list of available banks for that project, and choose one with the lowest interest rate, for finance purposes.

  • Possession: Make sure that your builder/firm guarantees timely possession of the properties. After all, everything else will be planned accordingly and sudden extension of possession dates tends to be a major problem in today’s real market scenario.

  • Resale/Rental Potential: While buying a house, one always thinks to live in it for decades, but you never know when you would have to move to a different location due to any reason. If and when so happens, there are two options for your property i.e. to sell it or to lease it. Hence, while buying a house, never think just for yourself, think like a common person. If there’d be any other person, would he/she like the property too? Proximity to useful amenities should come in handy while renting out the property.

  • Favorable Lighting and Ventilation: What side the balconies are faced, proper natural light is available in the flat or not, whether or not it provides proper cross-ventilation of air, these things should be taken care of as they increase your daily living experience.

  • Additional Amenities offered: This happens to be one of the most important points in the checklist. Apart from the house/flat itself, you should check what other facilities and amenities you’re getting along with it like gym, swimming pool, covered parking, power backup, clubhouse, etc. Now, as an individual, even if you might not be needing all of these amenities by choice but all these ensure a better resale value if need be.

  • Connectivity: Make sure that your property/house is not very far from your workplace, to save time and money on daily commuting. Moreover, schools, hospitals, markets, train stations, airports, and other important places of utility’s proximity should also be accessed.

  • Affordability: It is pretty well, an unsaid rule but also the most common mistake that most people do. Most of us often go overbudget thinking that real estate is a one-time investment. Well, that would be not a wise thought to grow. You can’t live in a house, unless it is properly furnished with all the necessary equipment. Moreover, buying a house is just a start, many other expenses come along, hence, going over-budget is totally uncalled-for.

  • Payment Plan: After you’ve decided on your budget for the house, it’s important to select a payment plan that suits you. There are a lot of plans available viz. Flexi-payment plan, down-payment plan, possession-linked plan and many more. Each of the payment plans has its merits and demerits, do your research and select one that suits you best.

  • Apartment-size: Going over-budget is a mistake, but so is compromising. Stick to your basic requirements and do not compromise. Say if you have already decided to buy a 3BHK flat, do not get below it. If everything else is fine and you’re getting a 4BHK in the same budget, that’s a very good deal but do not settle for less than 3, because if you have decided it and proper thought has already been put to it, do no doubt yourself.

  • Locality: While buying a property for yourself, you’re not just buying a house, you’re moving into the locality as well. So you should make sure if it’s a safe locality if it’s safe to go out at night or not, if it is children friendly or not, etc.

  • Quality of building: Once you’re done with finalizing the property, next comes the quality check. It is not a one day process. You’re free to visit the site while it is under construction and keep checking from time to time. The quality of work and/or the materials used, after all, it’s your money that has been invested there and you have to live in that house.

Buying a house is a crucial decision, and make sure you form your own check-list for it. Above are some points that should not be skipped, but you sure can add some of yours too.

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