The Unspoken Benefits of modern amenities

In a world where housing societies and community living are getting increasingly popular, it is fairly crucial that we understand the benefits of so-called ‘modern amenities’ that the housing societies and real estate companies have to offer.


While searching for a house for living in or even as an investment option we often come around real estate brands offering modern amenities and facilities. What are these modern amenities that they talk about, and do they really make a difference? Are these amenities absent in standalone houses? Does their presence alone make gated communities better than standalone houses? What is the catch besides the presence of modern amenities?


We will be answering all these questions further in this blog. Let us start by listing some of the amenities that real estate brands tend to offer.


Basic Amenities –

  • 24×7 Security with Guards and CCTV –

Security is a major concern while living in cities. The crime rate has increased over the years and as a result, more security is needed than earlier. In the case of standalone houses, you’ll have to hire a security guard and get CCTVs installed. While in a gated community, both these things are already taken care of. This reduces the chances of any felony significantly.

  • Piped Gas –

Piped gas is much more convenient than LPG cylinders. In the case of standalone houses, if you may or may not have a piped connection near you. But in gated communities, you’ll likely get a piped LPG connection. This is again, simple and convenient, no membership or subsidy is involved as opposed to LPG cylinders.

  • Power Backup –

We are already going through a power shortage in the country and in such a scenario power backup is no less than a boon. In the case of standalone houses, you yourself have to arrange for a power backup and also look after its maintenance. In gated communities, you get a 24×7 power backup without any worries about maintenance.

  • Garbage Collection –

Over the years we’ve been neglecting proper disposal of garbage until about the last 5-10 years. Garbage collection has significantly improved in recent years even for standalone houses. However, whether or not your area is covered under the state municipal corporation is an important factor. Irrespective of that, gated communities still have a proper garbage collection and disposal method.

  • Plumber and Electrician on Call –

In case of any repairs, it is a tedious task to run after handymen. In the case of gated communities, these servicemen are just a call away.

  • Common Area Maintenance –

The common areas e.g. parks, swimming pools, gyms, etc. need proper maintenance too. If you’re living in a standalone house, and use all these facilities then they may or may not be properly maintained depending upon their caretaker. However, in gated communities, you’ll get all of these at the same place and maintenance is prim-proper and done on a regular basis.


Other Facilities –


Some other facilities that are present in gated communities and are used on a daily basis include –

  • Gymasnium –

People who hit the gym regularly know the importance of having a good gym in close proximity to their home. Gated communities usually have state-of-the-art gymnasiums with modern equipment.

  • Swimming Pool –

Again, children and adults who like to swim usually drive around the city in search of good pools. This problem ceases to exist in gated communities as they have pools on the campus itself, regularly cleaned and well maintained.

  • Sports Facilities –

Be it badminton, tennis, cricket, or football, gated communities have facilities for most of these common sports, unlike standalone houses.

  • Clubhouse –

Social lives are equally important in today’s world. We often go out with our friends, either for a game of billiards or simply for some coffee. Clubhouses in gated communities provide a good hangout spot, where you can not only hang out but also play various games like billiards, table tennis, carrom, etc., or can simply have a coffee in the cafeteria.


While we looked at the amenities offered by real estate companies in gated communities, not every company provides all these facilities. It is important to do thorough research and find out which real estate company provides the best facilities in an affordable price range.


Or you can simply book a house with Ashiana Housing. All our projects come lined up with all these amenities and much more. We provide you with a living experience that doesn’t require you to drive to the other corner of the city just for a swim or for a game of tennis.


Just having all these amenities on our brochure isn’t enough. We ensure that all the facilities that we provide are well maintained and well sanitized on a regular basis. Maintenance is one of the things that we pay extra attention to. Nothing runs smoothly without proper maintenance, as a result, we have an in-house maintenance team, which is always just a call away to help our residents.


Having modern amenities just at a walking distance from your home is a perk. But if these amenities are not well maintained, they are of no use. Make sure to know your seller and the kind of service they provide along with the mentioned amenities.


For any further inquiries or doubts, or for browsing our projects, click here.

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