Tips to create a functional and stylish workspace at Home


While on one hand working from home and hybrid work culture have made working, for a lot of us, quite convenient and comfortable but on the other hand, they have somewhat snatched our work-life balance and our productivity at large. We struggle in maintaining the same productivity and effectiveness at our work while working from home as we easily maintained while working from the office.


Saying that productivity depends on our working environment will not be wrong. A couch is a place to relax and you can’t expect productivity while working as a couch potato. Offices are designed in a way to maximize productivity a chair and table setup is a minimum to invest in to make your work-from-home more effective. Moreover, having a home office setup also helps in having a better work-life balance.


Workspace Tips


Follow these tips to create a functional and fashionable WFH setup –


1. Build a desk setup


The first and foremost tip will be to stay away from cozy surfaces be it your bed, a sofa, or a couch if you want your work life productive and your spine healthy in your 50s stick to chairs. You can seek comfort in chairs buy good quality comfortable chairsconsidering that you’ll spend 7 – 8 hours in them, five days a week! Working from a bed or a couch is okay occasionally but make sure to get out of that habit if you have one.


2. If possible, be close to the window


A breath of fresh air always sets things straight. With a window nearby you can simply open it and look at the outdoors for refreshing your attention span. This is also good for your eyesight as continuously looking at screens can damage your eyes’ natural moisture, and looking far away, especially at the outside world not only relaxes your eyes but also rejuvenates the natural moisture.


3. Get good broadband/Wi-Fi


You might have a great cellular network at your place still you should get a good broadband connection. This reduces your dependency on your mobile phone which adds to your overall productivity. Let’s face it it is not very difficult to get stuck into the vicious web of Instagram reels while simply turning on the Wi-Fi hotspot you won’t be caught by your seniors but you’ll definitely miss some of the deadlines. Moreover, a broadband connection is much more stable than any mobile network, and of course, faster.


4. Make a ‘green’ home office


Well, since most of us don’t live in a house facing lush green landscapes, it is a good idea to have some low-maintenance plants on as well as around your desk. You might have a window close by but if on opening it you only hear the noise of traffic and inhale polluted air it is as good as no window. Low-maintenance plants don’t require much attention except for occasional watering and act as natural air fresheners around you. They also help you rejuvenate your eyes with greenery, your nose with pleasant smells, and your lungs with a breath of fresh air.


5. Organize and Accessorize


Would you like working in a maze of wires where you yourself don’t know the purpose of individual wires and might end up getting tangled in them? The answer will most probably be no. Organize your desk to be neat and clean in order to increase productivity get drawers and keep stuff that you need handy and unload the extra stuff elsewhere. If you’re a fan of accessories – get lots of them, and even if you’re not get some of the important ones like a desk pad, a wire organizer, a laptop stands, etc.


6. Proper lighting


Did you know that our mind associate’s darkness with relaxation? Make sure that your home office has an ample amount of lighting then be it from the window nearby or from a lightbulb. You can also go for ambient desk lamps so that there’s enough light for you to work properly yet not as much as to hurt your eyes or your pockets by increasing the electricity bill!


7. Personalize


Except for the basic things about keeping your workspace productive, remember that in the end, it is your workspace. If you don’t want to keep it simple and sober, get creative and decorate your workplace with mood boards, maybe put up some paintings or posters and make your workplace yours!


Workplace and Homes


In standalone homes or in housing projects with less spacious flats you might not get the proper space to set up a work office for you and in such a scenario, you can choose to set up a small corner of your bedroom or living room as a temporary work station and if possible, you can work from your office, a coworking space, or any work cafe.


With the increase in WFH and Hybrid Work culture though, many prominent real estate brands are developing housing projects with spacious interiors and dedicated Work from Homes spaces – Ashiana Housing is one of them.


Ashiana Malhar – Working Millennials’ Paradise


Our latest Premium Homes in Hinjewadi, Pune, have been carefully designed for providing an overall convenient and hassle-free life to working individuals with multiple facilities centered around them.


Ashiana Malhar is located in Hinjewadi one of the largest IT hubs in the country, helping you skip the traffic and saving at least 1-1.5 hours a day that would’ve been spent in a daily commute. Spread over 11 acres of magnificence, Malhar comes with 11 acres of vibrant green landscapes ensuring that your eyes get to see greenery, your legs get to feel nimble with the grass, and your lungs get a breath of fresh air after a tiring day at work. Walking & jogging tracks, an open gym, a kids’ play area, a sandpit, and a grandparents’ corner are some of the facilities that you’ll come across at Malhar.


The remaining area of Ashiana Malhar houses residential towers, a commercial space, and a modern clubhouse lined up with amenities likea swimming pool, badminton courts, a gymnasium, a half-basketball court, a skating rink, an indoor games room, an indoor kids’ room, a multipurpose hall, and finally a work cafe.


The work cafe at the clubhouse of Malhar ensures that you have a separate space for important meetings or simple caffeine cravings! You cannot just work at the cafe but also network with similarly aged individuals while being mindful of your children at the same time as the indoor kids’ room is nearby.


In addition to its location, multiple leisure facilities, and the work cafe, the flats at Ashiana Malhar come with dedicated Work From Home spaces so that you don’t struggle with work-life balance anymore. With a dedicated WFH space you can customize your home office the way you like switching from work to personal life and back nonchalantly!


Click here for registrations and more information about AshianaMalhar.

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