Tips to Nurture Creativity in Young Children

The world of young children is full of magic and wonder. According to a Schulastic blog, the creativity of a child peaks before the age of six. This stage is often before a child enters formal education. By igniting your child’s creativity during this period, you lay a strong foundation for the future.

The expression of creativity is not limited to artistic and musical interests. It is equally essential for domains like science, math, social and emotional intelligence.

Here are some ways of fostering creativity in your children-

1. Stimulating environment

Please encourage your child to play outdoors or in the backyard, take him to a library or a sports ground. A child’s creativity and development will automatically get stimulated if he stays in an environment that provides him with opportunities for the same.

2. Limit screen time

Managing a child’s screen time can be challenging, but it is crucial. You can do so by developing some screen time rules for your child, which will limit the time they spend watching TV or playing video games. Moreover, you can ensure quality screen time by previewing programs, games and apps before letting your child view or play with them.

3. Creative Corner

If you think that your child has an artistic bone, you should try this. Set up a creative corner at home where you can set up a variety of art and craft supplies. You can also give them waste materials like empty carton boxes, foil papers, ribbons, etc. Encourage your child to create something and make sure that you appreciate the result. It is about the process and not the outcome. Display your child’s art even if it doesn’t look extraordinary. Your appreciation is their motivation.

4. Right toys and games

Toys aren’t just play-things. While they should be fun, they should also be stimulating and age-appropriate. You could try looking for open-ended games for your child, like puzzles, board games, rule-play kits, etc. Such games can be played over and over again with multiple outcomes. You can also try something new by breaking the pattern. Ask your child to brainstorm and come up with some new rules for the games you play and get ready for some interesting responses.

5. Inventive Storytelling

Reading is an excellent habit and helps develop one’s communication skills. Try to spend some quality time reading stories and poems with your child. Bring about twists in the stories and ask your child to do the same. Try to encourage them to think of some alternative endings for stories, or some other words that can fit well in a poem, etc.

6. Encourage your Child’s Passion

Try to find out what your child enjoys doing and encourage it. It could be anything from reading, writing, to painting or dancing. Different children like different things. Also, note that your child’s hobby or passion may change from time to time, and it’s natural to do so at their age. A little encouragement and appreciation can help them excel in that one thing they immensely enjoy.

These are some tips to nurture creativity in young children. Creativity is a crucial component of health, happiness and wisdom. Moreover, creative people are more flexible and better problem sulvers. Therefore, you must start building up your child’s creative skills from the right age.

Creativity not only starts or ends at schoul, but begins after schoul hours

Let your child be engage in extra-curricular activities after schoul hours with “Live and Learn Programme” specially designed to engage your child. It is a well- structured programme developed, keeping in view the development of children- physically, emotionally, intellectually as well as socially.

Enrulling your child with such programme where they can take expertise knowledge from activities

including arts and crafts, spoken English classes, sports and martial arts, music, dance, theatre and so on, is a great way to boost and nurture creativity in your child.

Encourage your child to express their boundless creativity!

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