Benefits for Defence Personnel Buying Property

Life in defence is of discipline, of dedication, of fitness, and of course, of pride! Defence personnel tend to lead an active and healthy life even after retirement. They keep themselves fit with a wide range of physical activities, but it is seldom possible in generally crowded cities, with alarmingly dangerous levels of pollution and ruthless traffic.

In order to help the current as well as retired defence personnel to buy a house of their choice, in a location that suits their lifestyle, there is a wide range of benefits that they can avail of while buying a house in India. Certain of these benefits are provided by the government and a few others by the builders as well as banks. Some of these benefits include –  
  • House Building Grants
Introduced by the State Government of Kerala, this grant is for the disabled Ex-servicemen boarded out and widows and dependents of jawans died in harness. The amount of the grant is Rs 1,00,000/-  
  • Housing Schemes
Preference is given to ex-servicemen while the allotment of houses under the State Government Housing Scheme  
  • Allotment of NGO Quarters
This Scheme is for re-employed ex-servicemen, under which they are allotted Government Quarters on a priority basis  
  • House Tax Exemption
Ex-servicemen are exempted from building tax for the building which is used for their own residential purposes  
  • Land Assignment
    • 1/20th of the available/assignable land in each district is reserved for assignment to Ex-servicemen.
    • Under Rule 11 (3) of the Kerala Land Assignment Rule, 10% of the area available for assignment in each village is reserved for assignment to Ex-Servicemen for cultivation, house site and beneficial usage
    • Preference is given to the Defence personnel and their dependents for allotment of land under the Housing Scheme viz, Land Acquisition and Development Schemes.
Apart from these government benefits, certain private real estate companies provide certain benefits and make the buying process easy for Defence Personnel. One of the real estate companies that is known for its customer-centric practices and unparalleled living experience, is Ashiana Housing. Ashiana Housing is a Real Estate Brand, which has been delivering and maintaining real estate for the last 41 years, currently serving more than 15000 happy families. Our residential projects are located in the following cities across India-   Across these locations, we have Kid Centric Homes, Senior Living Homes, and Comfort Homes. We at Ashiana Housing believe in creating conveniences at every step and as a result, right from the enquiry till handing over of the flat, we help our buyers at every step of the process, and after that, our in-house maintenance team is always eager to help you and all the other residents. Below are some of the pointers that make your buying process like a cakewalk-  
  • Easy enquiry and buying
You can begin your enquiry on our website, be it our locations, property pictures, floor plans, amenities, or even payment plans – everything is visible on our website. You can even take a project visit appointment online and we’ll arrange an escorted property visit for you and your family. After you’ve booked a flat with us, we keep sending you updates of the construction along with pictures to always keep you informed.  
  • Hassle-free Payments
The payment can be done according to the chosen payment plan either online or through cheque/Demand Draft. We can proudly say that we haven’t charged even a rupee extra above the final price at the time of booking, in the last 36 years, even when our documentation has an increment clause depending on the construction costs. In addition to all this, we also help you in getting loans from various banks which provide loans at lower interest rates for defence personnel.  
  • Assisted Registration
Our legal team assists you in getting the paperwork done for the registration as well as with appointments with various government officials. The registration can also be completed through the Power of Attorney in case of your inability of being present in the city.  
  • Active Lifestyle

Life at any of Ashiana’s projects is as active as it could be. We have various planned and unplanned activities for all the age groups all around the year. Our properties are lined up with walking/jogging tracks, badminton courts, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. so that you don’t have to travel across the city finding your favourite sport’s courts.

  • Resale and Rental

We understand that defence jobs mean a lot of postings and transfers all across the country, and honour that. In case of transfers, you would likely want to either sell your property or rent it out. Our Resale and Rental team is there to help you in both. We strive to get you the best deal be it renting or in selling, and also take care of the paperwork involved.


Till today’s date, 364 defence families have booked a flat with us. As our appreciation for those serving the nation, we offer a 2% discount on all our properties for Defence Personnel.

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