What are the key factors while considering your dream home

Well there are a number of factors that you’ve got to tick off while considering your dream home and before we begin with the list, a piece of advice – make sure you make the most of your budget because let’s face it we don’t buy homes every now and then, buying the dream home can be once in a lifetime thing for many, so don’t rush into the decision, analyze and choose wisely.


Before we jump to the key factors themselves, let us address the debate around buy v/s rent. By all means, there’s not one right and one wrong answer among these. Buying or renting is your personal decision – which you can make based on your finances and lifestyle. For example – My friend Rohit is a travel blogger, he travels for like 20 days a month, hence his focus is not on buying a house for himself, but on saving enough money for traveling. Similarly, identify your own situation and don’t fall for influencers or economic advisors’ advice – do listen to them, analyze, and come to a conclusion that suits your interests and of course, your pockets!


Here are some key factors that you should consider very well before narrowing down to your dream home –


●    Location

The first and foremost thing to consider is of course the location of your dream house. You’ll have to buy your dream house closer to where you work – although you can choose nearby tier-2 cities for a better price and a peaceful lifestyle – if you Work From Home or have a mix of WFO-WFH.


Even when you have a city in mind, considering your budget, choose a location that can get you the best deals at an affordable rate.


●    Size of the house

Well, this is a decision that you should not make in haste. Depending upon the members of your family, always go for an extra room – in case there are guests over. Although don’t push your budget over the edge in getting an extra room rather, find yourself a house that offers more rooms and preferably more unit space per room, for a comfortable and decluttered lifestyle.


●    Type of House

After you’re done selecting the location and size – the third major factor is the type of house. Do you want an independent standalone house or are you more of an apartment kind of person? This is a decision that you should take along with the people who’ll live with you. Weigh the pros and cons of standalone homes and apartments/flats – and conclude that suits the collective needs of your family.


●    Amenities

When you look at the amenities don’t just look for them in the house, also check the amenities around it. Check if there are shopping complexes, schools, hospitals, markets, etc. nearby your dream home or not, and go ahead accordingly. In the case of standalone houses, make sure that everything is working properly before you go ahead and sign the deal.


●    Neighborhood

It is often said that neighbors are your first family because irrespective of the occasion – they’re the first ones to participate. Especially in a country like ours, a good neighborhood is something that you’d want to have around you. There are limited resources to check the neighborhood though – you can either rely on word of mouth or ask your broker about the neighborhood. You’re more likely to find a good neighborhood in case you choose to buy a flat/apartment over a standalone house.


●    Maintenance

In real estate ‘hidden charges’ are often masqueraded as ‘maintenance’. We don’t want you to fall into this trap. While you’re on the house hunt, write down the costs concisely, and don’t forget to ask about maintenance charges beforehand.


●    Security

Goes without saying that security is one of the most important factors for anything and everything! Check the security provisions that you’ll be getting along with your house, is their CCTV Cameras installed, is there a watchman, are the locks in place or not, is the structure of your house safe and tamper proof or not, etc.


●    Age of the structure

This is an important point if you’re thinking of buying an old property or a resale property. It is your responsibility to get all the correct stats from your dealer/broker, to know the age of the property, and around when will it require a reconstruction. You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a house that might require renovation in a year or so.


●    Price

Finally, make a budget. Not just a value, have a range, a minimum budget, an ideal budget, and an extended budget. Go from an ideal budget to an extended budget only if you’re getting a really good deal. After all, it’s your money and your house – you have to find the perfect spot between spending a little too much and a little too less for your dream home!



House hunt is not an easy task – especially if it’s your dream home. If you’re a busy individual, you can always buy a house with real estate brands that are known for their customer-centric values and outstanding performances.


Ashiana Housing is one such real estate company, we’re known for our customer-friendly practices. At Ashiana, you can choose from Kid Centric Homes, Senior Living Homes, and Premium Homes, according to your needs.


We’ve recently launched our newest Premium Homes Project in Hinjawadi, Pune – Ashiana Malhar. Spread over 11 acres of lush green open spaces and very well-designed interiors, Malhar is located near one of the most popular IT hubs in the country. From location, and architecture, to design and overall facilities, everything about Malhar is to facilitate the working millennials.


When you book a home at Malhar, you get more liveable space per unit, extra dedicated Work from Home spaces, a neighborhood of like-minded people, lifetime maintenance, and a hassle-free lifestyle at all times. Visit our website to explore further and to register your home at Malhar.

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