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As lifestyle home builders Ashiana has done a commendable job. The sweet pictures depicting their love for their customers as mothers can be felt personally. Indeed, I am in safe hands. Ashiana’s customer centric caring approach has brought real estate in India to an entirely next level. Lately, one of my neighbors on the same floor had a health emergency and needed immediate hospitalization. Not only the Team Ashiana came forward to drive him to the hospital at night, they followed up with him on his health improvement. When he was discharged from the hospital Team Ashiana came to visit and welcome him with a bouquet of flowers and fruits. What a sweet gesture of “walk the talk.”

                     The luxury of open green spaces, along with facilities and amenities to take care of your mental and emotional well-being. This is a perfect picture of living a happy lifestyle. My joy knows no limit as I can stay carefree about my child’s safety and health. She ‘lives and learns’ within the safe boundaries of our society.

My safety concerns for my daughter had always kept me from letting her play outdoors. Ashiana provided me with a solution for this concern as well. As I am sharing my joy with you, she is playing in the park because I have an assurance that she is in safe hands. AshianaTarang is #sabsesecure project with cameras installed all over and watch towers. My fear of her safety has turned into the joy to see her play outdoors in open spaces, climb trees, live a life beyond virtual world and develop bonding with friends. Just the way I grew up. She spends time with her friends reading the lovely books provided to us in the club house. She is learning to share and play in a team. The tennis and badminton courts, skating rink, snooker, billiards, carrom every possible sports facility is available at our disposal. In other words, Ashiana \Tarang is a synonym for living peacefully without any fears for me.

Earlier the definition of spending quality time with my daughter used to be either watching cartoon channels together or visiting the mall. Today, we spend quality time by swimming together to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Ashiana definitely is one of the best places to live outdoor lifestyle.

Since, people from different walks of life stay here. We get to learn much more. Learning with real time experience makes it a different place to live. People from different states, different socio-cultural background reside together as one community. We celebrate all festivals with the equal amount of fervor and fun. High Tea parties, pool parties, summer camps for children and competitions are organized throughout the year. It’s a part of living in an Ashiana lifestyle home. Ashiana not only provides admirable service to the customers but equally takes good care of their employees as well. Phoolwari defines that in the best possible way. Phoolwari is a school run by Ashiana to provide creche facility for the young ones and basic schooling for the older ones who have their parents working on site. Once a child is prepared for formal schooling, they are sent to formal government schools. This is exactly what community welfare looks like. They are provided with a shelter and their basic needs are very well taken care of by Ashiana.

There is nothing more satisfying than giving back to the society, specially to those who can not return it.

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Tabbsum, An author by passion and profession. A proud resident of Ashiana Tarang. Loves to write articles and short stories for children and women on popular blogging sites. She strongly believe in motivating, encouraging and supporting mothers. Loves to be surrounded by children and teaching them new things.

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