Would a home near your office make a difference in life?

According to a 2019 report by MoveInSync, average Indian office-goers spend approximately 7% of their day commuting to and from the workplace. 7% of the day is more than 1.5 hours per day!


This number is the worst in India. In metro cities, the average time taken in commute can be even more tending to overpopulation and high traffic congestion during office times. In such a scenario, a home near offices is no less than a boon.


The commuting is not the same for every office-goer. Some travel through public transport, while some in their own vehicles. In today’s world of increasing fuel prices, most people resort to public transport when it comes to daily commuting. Even the ones traveling from their own vehicles have to face daily traffic which increases stress and harms productivity at work.


Some of the key benefits of having a home near the office are –


●     Economical –

You’ll definitely be saving a lot of money if you have a home near your office. The fuel prices are rising daily and no form of transport is without fuel. Not all cities have a well-laid metro network like Delhi, which makes it heavier on your pocket. It is quite frustrating to spend a major chunk of your salary on traveling to and from the offices.


A home near the office means you can go either walking or even by bicycle. Even if you have to take public transport, the spending will be minimal as compared to having a home far away from your office.


●     Better Time Management –

If the time taken by you to reach your office is somewhere on the lines of 40-50 minutes or more, it is really hard to manage time, as there is no set time in case of traffic. On your lucky day you may reach your office in a record 30 minutes, but some days it might take you an hour or even more to reach. You can’t just leave your time management to luck, hence it is better to search for housing options as near as possible to your office.


If you live just 10 mins away from your office and say you go by walking, no amount of traffic can possibly get you 10 or 20 minutes late. You’ll always be taking nearly 10 minutes to reach your office from your home and vice-versa. With this surety, you can manage your time in a more foolproof manner.


●     Better Work-Life Balance –

Suppose it’s a Friday and you’ve promised your son to take him to the mall later in the evening. What’s next? You get stuck in the traffic, and it takes you two hours, instead of the usual one hour. No, we’re not making this up, the traffic congestion in the last working days is worse, as everyone is in a hurry to get to their homes and get started with their weekend plans!


Now, good luck in explaining traffic to your little one. This is just an example, of how living far away from your office can mess up your work-life balance. If you live just a few minutes away from the office, you can always come home on time and be available for your family without any extra tiredness or half-mindedness.


●     Less Stressful –

You may or may not have traveled in Mumbai local or Delhi metro, it gets insanely crowded sometimes. Now on a good day, you may ignore all the hustle-bustle and crowd you go through, but it is not easy to have a calm mind after traveling for about a whole hour in a crowded metro/train, standing all the way!


This might not sound that mammoth, but facing such issues on a daily basis can drastically increase stress levels in your body, hampering your productivity at work and overall health! Living near your office is never stressful, you have your ten minutes, and it’s very less to be frustrated at anyone or anything. On top of it, if you walk to your office, you even de-stress yourself!


●     Increased Productivity –

Having spent lesser time amidst traffic, horns, pollution, people, etc. will definitely help you in being more productive throughout your day! The reason for most people being unproductive and devoid of any motivation to work can often be the strenuous commute.


If your home is near your office, you’ll take the easiest possible ways to reach there. In the process, you’ll be less stressed, and will be able to give the most, if not 100%, of your attention to your tasks!


●     Good for overall health –

Doesn’t take a doctor to understand that Long commutes with bags on your shoulders, and your neck hanging constantly to keep you looking at the screen of your mobile phone, is unhealthy for your spine, your eyes, your neck, and of course your mental health. Do you take cabs? Again, added time to your backache, apart from the 8-9 hours of office work!


Living near your office, not only reduces all these health hazards but also adds to your fitness if you walk or cycle to work!


The Solution


Try to look for properties that offer affordable homes near office spaces, IT parks, or SEZs. Now if you’re someone living in Pune and working in Hinjewadi, then you might want to skip this search because we have got the perfect home for you – Ashiana Malhar!


Located near Hinjewadi, this is the newest Premium Homes Project by Ashiana Housing. Malhar is spread over 11 acres of which 9 acres are just lush green exteriors. Malhar is designed keeping in mind the working population, and extra unit space has been given to every flat.


Seeing the Work From Home trends, we’ve also incorporated dedicated WFH spaces in our flats to make your life more convenient and your work more productive. Malhar comes with 2BHK and 3BHK housing options with a state-of-the-art clubhouse with multiple facilities.


Visit our site today to explore further about the property. Get a chance to avail of discounts on early registrations. Prices start from Rs. 59 Lakhs!

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