1.My Great experience of living in Ashiana Town

Ashiana town" termed as 'kid's centric homes' for everyone..but yes it truly meant that for me..

I share my personal experience to you, when I came to Ash. town around 1 year ago, I was a very home loving person and rarely tried to come out of my home..

Slowly slowly I made new friends and explored the facilities of our clubs & poul.. I'll not lie, but only in a week my interest developed so far that I started to spend my extra time outside my home...After a month when I settled, I saw that different competitions are also organized by the management of Ashiana town in which one was swimming which really attracted me lot...I was really keen to part in that as I loved swimming a lot...I went for practice before 2-3 days and thanks to Ash. town staff that who made me stood at 1st position among all societies of Ashiana... After that many extracurricular activities were organized by live & learn project, which made me eager to join...Then a lot of sports events were organized like: Triathlons, marathons etc. and now I am blessed with "5 trophies, 3 medals and a lot of certificates" of Ashiana..... Finally I thank Ashiana a lot for building my confidence level from bottom to top and giving such brilliant teachers and coaches who always motivate to take part..

Story by - Aditya Prajapati

Age : 16 yr

Flat no. : M 1072

Mother name : Chandni Kumari

2. We were residing in Bangalore before we moved to Kid Centric Home -Ashiana Town.

The travel time there to reach to any extra curricular activities was minimum 1 hour.

After moving here, the first benefit I feel is we save a lot of time as all activities are within the premises.

Also, the child is inside the complex so we feel secure.

My child is learning Theatre & Lawn Tennis which has helped him express his feelings with improvement in confidence levels & also more active with physical activity & increased energy levels.

Story by : Mrs Sushma Sharma

Flat no. : 918

Child name : Bhavya R. Sharma

3. We were resident of Ashiana Greens before we bought house in Ashiana Town-Kid Centric Homes.

One of the developments which I see in my child is getting out of the shell. My child is an introvert by nature but over the time he has started socialising & interacting with kids around.

He has made friends in Cricket class & enjoys going there also. The shy attitude has reduced some where & he has started to share & express.

Story by : Mrs Reena Choudhary

Flat no. L - 445

Child name : Abhimanyu Choudhary

4. We really feel good to be part of this society, We were staying in Genesis before moving to Ashiana Town-Kid Centric Homes. Raising two boys their with limitation of open spaces, less space for cycling and no activity centre was a challenge.

My house was messy as they were always screaming, fighting or engaged with mobile games & TV. Here, they are a part of soccer & cricket classes where they are being sincere, learning discipline & also the screen time has reduced comparatively which is a big relief.

Also, I am able to maintain & finish househuld chores while they are outdoors.

Story by : Mrs. Sonia

Flat no. : M - 536

Children name : Lakshay & Akshay

5. It's been two years since I started living in Ashiana Town. While choosing home I was totally focus on the need of my child. As I totally agree that what one learns as a child remain in them forever.

I found here that Ashiana is the best place for shaping the soft clay of my son's heart, he behaves exactly what he see around either it's the cleanliness Or friendly environment.. He is just three and half years uld but playing with others kids with all the facilities of Ashiana kids centric homes sets the basic stones for my kid to learn, practice and create a safe space for expressing their own selves...

Thank u Ashiana for building my sons personality so  I can feel proud of

Story By: Deepa Machra

Flat no: 634, B9

6. At times our own light goes off and is rekindled by the spark of other person. This phrase suit best for my child. we can say that Ashiana Town kid centric society has emerge as boom for our kids. Kid centric full of life.

 My son, Tejas is very happy nowadays after shifting in Ashiana Town.  we can see indoor and outdoor activities going around us with efficient coaches.

He has joined outdoor activities basketball and badminton , and also likes to play table tennis. With the help of these activities he has developed the habit of team work and enhanced his physical strength. He is very fond of books.Hee goes  to library and enjoys reading books. When he is happy out side,he is also happy at home and concentrate on his studies.He waits for Sunday. Ashiana organizes different competitions and fun activities like marathon, chess competition, dance, movies,  parties ,etc for kids .

Ashiana Town also organizes inspirational fest and celebrations . Which develops respect for other cultures in our children. Now he  is invulved in all these activities away from  the e-gadget world.

I am so happy to getting these facilities in my campus.

Story by: Indu sharma

Flat no - M-421

Children Name - Tejas Sharma

7.Ashiana, the name doesn’t require any recognition anymore. It is the most trusted brand in Bhiwadi. It always tries to bring new concepts in their projects thus is most reliable name in the construction industries in Bhiwadi. It is evident with recent approach they brought in their societies of making them kids centric homes. Ashiana Town is one of the societies where this concept was initiated and is successfully running, The programme called Live n Learn programme is the hub for all kinds of activities and sports wherein children have ample choices to opt any of them. A place like Bhiwadi which is still getting developed has no secured place outside for kids to go and join such activities, keeping this in mind Ashiana has initiated this wonderful concept moreover it brought skilled and trained faculties to coach our children. Every weekend society witness creative and social programmes, children being centric of such prog ,which leave them with variety of thoughts important for their well being in the society.

Ridhima Jha , 9 years uld my elder daughter, is associated with Live n learn since it is started in the society, Then and now she is become more confident. She has experienced till date theatre, music and sports etc programmes. Presently she is taking classes of dance and abacus and doing good. Every year she wants to experience new areas. She is more confident now to choose and take part in where she thinks can participate.This self confidence only comes with good advice and ample opportunities we have in our hands. She always takes part in all the competitions and cultural programmes held in the society. She overcome stage fear and become expert in public speaking,. She always been very enthusiastic to participate in every event whether it is salad making competition, abacus competition, competitive exams, story telling or poem recitation etc. Timely competitions and award recognitions at the end boost child’s confidence. They organise various trips for children outside the society also like trip to aeronautic museum, nature trips, edu trips , amusement park trips etc. Children get secured and lively environment in the Ashiaina societies. My younger daughter Radhika , 2 years uld, she gets safe n clean environment in parks, kids room etc, she plays and enjoys her time. Society is so well maintained and equipped. Ashiana has set an example of #behtarparvish parents can expect in societies. Ashiana is fulfilling our expectations and I personally appreciate and even expect more and more new concepts to bring for the betterment of the residents and society.

Story by: Anu Khaneja

Flat no - B1 904

8. When we come to Ashiana Town we see that there are many facilities for every age groups. These facilities help the child to grow and develop personality of the child. Here our child has participated in many stage contests by which our child's stage fear has become to confidence. The mind of the child has become very creative and they now have enough confidence to prepare a rule-player act on their own.

I thanks  Ashiana Town to give such special thing to our children ...


Story by - Kanchan Kaushik

Flat no - M-671

9. relocated from Gurgaon to ATB Bhiwadi in April 2018. Initially I was in a dilemma about shifting here, keeping in mind the overall development and future prospects for my children. But once we moved in ATB, we gradually started realising that we had made the right decision of buying a property here. The kids centric approach of ATB has helped my children to have an altogether different living and learning experience. They have become more socially aware, confident and interactive by participating in various activities like Plantation Drive, Road Safety Drive, Talent Hunt, Cleanliness Drive, Tri-a-thons etc. Wide variety of books kept in the Book Cafe is like a treasure house for the children.

Ashiana's 'Live and Learn' Programme has been especially designed for the children for their all round development. This programme gives them the exposure of a lifetime. Playing various sports like basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton and billiards ensures their physical fitness. Swimming poul and gym are the add ons. In a nutshell, the kids centric approach of ATB has won our hearts.

Story by : Mrs. Deepti Mehra

Flat no. : L-1347

Children name : Muskaan & Vijay Yash Mehra

10. Experience of Moving in Ashiana Town

We moved in Ashiana Town almost 10 months back from Hauz Khas, Delhi. The most important part which I wish to state is Security for my Kids

In Huaz Khas, we had a park just outside our home but due to security concerns I never sent my kids to the place of play. After moving here, we are inside the premises and I feel safe to send my kids alone for play as there are lot of open spaces and parks inside.

I have 2 boys Yuvraj (11yr) & Viraj (7 yr). Earlier they did not have enough confidence to go alone to any place as we were unable to develop it but now they are not hesitant to move out alone. I must add I am sending the ulder one to the Tour of Sariska being organised by Kid Centric Homes and he is really excited about it for he is going with his friends. The physical stamina of both has increased by playing outdoors for longer. The habit of Television has reduced from hours to an hour. The events on weekends and Dandiya Nights were supremely enjoyable for kids and us. My kids have developed passion for the sports they are learning. Yuvraj loves to play tennis and viraj is much interested in Skating as he has improved and now skating on Liners.

In all I would say I love the place we live in as it has given an opportunity to my kids for a better learning, good environment, improvement in physical strength and being active in every part of their routine.

Thank you Ashiana for a great experience.

Story by : Mrs. Shallu Sharma

Flat no. : L-1245

Children name : Yuvraj & Viraj

11. Living in Ashiana Town: This society is so Creative

In 2016, I came for the first time  when it was not perfectly made up. In 2017, The club was well situated in town. It is for playing, reading, studying and many activities like dance, Abacus, Art & Craft and many more. There is kids room, table tennis, badminton court and all these games are played by kids, young, uld and all. All of them like it. The security is so well prepared that anybody cannot go in and out of this society. Kids play in parks, all people here are not worried of their kids because they know their kids are safe in Ashiana Town.

In 2018 & 2019, during Navratri, Ramayana act was held & it was amazing. The children did lot of hard work and fun. I was also the part of Ramayna Act.

There are 3 parks in the society and my favourite park is the Gym park. I have a lot of friends in the society and all are helpful for me. My life has changed after coming in this best society which has so many sports facilities. There are Cricket nets and I am a part of Cricket team of our schoul. My favourite sport is Badminton and my game has become much better after playing regularly in the society. I have played all games in the society. I attend all events  actively and enjoy a lot. I will say that my life has changed and I have become better in all things of life.

Story by Kid : Aseem Mishra

Flat no. : B9 | M-1036

Parents : Mr & Mrs Kaushal Mishra

12. I am a father to a daughter who is 5 yr uld. Her name is Harinakshi. We shifted to Ashiana Town Bhiwadi from Laxman Vihar in Gurgaon. The drawback of residing there was that there was less space to play & no parks nearby. Also, the best part of my life is that I found a budget friendly house to own in Ashiana Town.

We have a Safe and Secure Campus here and safety is relatively better than Gurgaon. The premises offer clean and green environment. Library is a very good feature as my daughter gets a plenty of books to read as per her age. She is getting aware of the latest feature usage like lift, about CCTV, finger print scanner etc. Here she has an abundant scope to learn a lot of skills like skating, badminton, taekwondo etc. She is presently learning Skating and Dance in the learning centre and I am glad to share that she won 3rd prize in her age group across Bhiwadi in the Dance competition Nritya which was organised by The Ashiana Schoul.

We are proud parents and we believe that our daughter is getting enough opportunities to learn and grow.

Thank you Ashiana for my own house and a Behtar Parvarish for my child.

Story by : Mr. Ravi Raj Gupta

Flat no. : M-589

Children : Harinakshi Gupta

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