4 Things to Remember When Looking for Senior Living Homes in Chennai

Gone are the days when senior living in India was confined to old age homes. A growing number of Indian seniors are financially stable, well-travelled and socially active. They want to live life on their own terms, in the company of like-minded people – in surroundings that are especially designed for their convenience and safety.


Senior living communities in India have started offering the perfect blend of lifestyle, security, health and comforts to the seniors. And although such communities are spreading throughout India , there aren’t many that follow the globally popular and futuristic model of continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in India – which offers personalised care to seniors at an age when they can’t do things by themselves.


If like most senior citizens (or about-to-retire citizens), you are also looking for a great senior living housing option– in the company of like-minded people from your age and incomegroup –here are 4 things to remember when looking for a senior living home in Chennai – or anywhere in India for that matter.


Senior living is all about living your life to the fullest


Senior living means living a healthy, comfortable and enjoyable life. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an independent or assisted living facility, short- or long-term nursing care, you can find senior living communities providing a range of services to make life safer, healthier, more convenient and more enjoyable for you.


Why senior living is so important in the current scenario


More than 70% of Indian households are now nuclear – and almost 9% of Indians are 60-plus. Many of the 60-plus seniors are either living alone or also experiencing some of these age-related problems:


  • They may be in need of social opportunities to avoid feeling lonely, isolated and housebound


  • They may be finding it hard to manage tasks such as housework and maintenance they once took for granted


  • They may be needing help with activities of daily living, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning – as well as help with bathing, moving around, eating and so on


  • Their social and emotional needs may have changed – such as friends or family may not be as close by, or neighbours may have moved or passed on


  • They may no longer be able to drive or have access to public transportation to meet with family and friends


  • Their financial status may be preventing them from getting the long-term care they need to live safely in their homes all by themselves


So both from a sense of need and preference, a growing numberIndian seniors are downsizing to smaller homes – and opting for the convenience of living in a senior living community – with well-designed homes with senior-friendly fittings and surroundings, and in the company of like-minded people. Living in a senior living community fulfils their needs and preferences– and also helps eliminate the guilt children may feel, because they know their parents are living in a safe, happy and healthy environment.


Plan now to make a better investment.


If you’re planningto buy a senior living home, the thumb rule is to plan in advance. Because your investment now will make more commercial sense in the future when you shift. If you wait, you’ll simply end up paying more for the same facilities.


According to KanchanaKrishnan, Director-Chennai, Knight Frank,“Retirement homes tend to be 10-15% more expensive due to the built-in integrated facilities they offer. Planning must be far-sighted and the homes must be purchased 8-10 years before one’s retirement in order to make commercial sense.”


Extended facilities and care for senior living .


In addition to medical care facilities – which are a must for any senior living community – look for:


  • Levels of care does the community provides
    While most projects in India focus on independent living facilities, India’s progressive companies are offering senior living projects based on the continuing care communities (CCRC) model, which offers independent living, assisted living (such as in a care home) and round-the-clock access to nursing care – all within the same complex.


  • Age-friendly design
    • Inside the home: Does each home have anti-skid tiles, grab rails, bigger switches, wall mounted night lamps, emergency response system, etc.?


    • Within the campus: Does the community have 24/7 security guards, emergency careambulance and doctor-on-call services readily available?


  • Services and maintenance
    A good senior living community will typically provide comprehensive in-house services and maintenance packages that take care of your:
    • Home


    • Snacks and meals (via in-house dining facilities)


    • Medical needs (round-the-clock medical assistance)


    • Fitness, wellness, social and cultural needs


    • Housekeeping, laundry, grooming and daily chores


    • Transport needs


    • Complete campus cleaning and maintenance – including electricity, plumbing, etc.


  • Successful track record in delivering senior living projects
    If the project is still being developed, check out the developer’s financial background., including the other projects they’ve completed. Consider it as a major plus point if your builder has a successful track record – because companies with a good track record will not risk their reputation to short-change their clients.


  • Other feel-good factors
    • Location and connectivity: The project should be located within a short distance (i.e. 20-30 minutes) from a well-equipped hospital, as well as major city hubsand proposed infrastructure facilities within easy traveling distance.


    • Growth potential:Promising growth prospects in terms of civic amenities and infrastructure lead to faster property appreciation – something you will definitelynot want to miss out on.


    • Social ecosystem: Social facilities like clubs, temples, malls and recreational facilities should be within easy traveling distance.


    • Type of occupants: If you’re going to live in the community, it makes sense to know in advance what kind of people live there – and whether you’ll be able to get along with them.


Are you looking for a senior living home and community in Chennai?


If you’re looking for great senior living homes and communities in Chennai, you will find many options by several real estate developers,do check out  Ashiana Shubham senior living community in Maraimalai Nagar (on GST Road), Chennai. This is a joint venture between Ashiana Housing – the pioneers of senior living projects – and Arihant Groupand JP Morgan Property Fund.


Shubham is Ashiana’s fifth senior living project in India(the sixth one is also a under construction project in Bhiwadi). Ashiana’s senior living projects are one of the few projects based on the  continuing care retirement community (CCRC) model – so they are designed to cater to your future needs where you will get assistance on daily routine through our care-givers in Care Homes.


So whether you’re interested in independent livingassisted living or a blend of both – or even in investing in a senior living home in Chennai in advance – you will not want to miss this opportunity.


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