6 Questions Seniors Must Ask If They Are Living Alone!

As you get older, how can you be sure you’re doing enough to stay physically and emotionally healthy?Ask yourself the following questions to assess how you’re doing.

Is your home age-friendly?

As you get older, your physical health begins to decline more rapidly. So you need to guard yourself from the risk of falls and fractures –by installing anti-skid tiles, grab rails, bigger switches, wall mounted night lamps, etc. in your home.

Falls are one of the major problems in the elderly and considered one of the Geriatric Giants.
Indians have 15% lower bone mineral levels than westerners, with fractures occurring 10 to 20 years earlier.

For all these reasons, you should ensure that you have immediate access to 24×7 Emergency Care support, as well as an emergency response system installed inside your apartment.

Are you able to take care of yourself?

Take a close look at your appearance. Are you able to keep up with your daily activities – such as taking a bath, dressing up, eating, using the toilet, etc. – or are you beginning to feel the signs of pain?

The epidemic of pain is possibly the biggest health problemIndia faces today – and is even more severe than the combined burden of diabetes, heart disease and cancer .

Are you eating a healthy diet?

Good nutrition plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and functioning. Even today, millions of older Indians do not get to eat a healthy diet. This adversely affects their physical health and makes them dependent on others – leading to depression.

How stress-free are you? 

Remaining stress-free really matters, especially as you grow older. Chronic stress accelerates biological ageing, affects your immune system, and is associated with many negatives:

  • It makes you fall ill more frequently – and for longer
  • It increases your chances of feeling depressed
  • It increases chances of early death

Do you still enjoy socializing?

Did you know that social isolation and loneliness are really bad for you because – according to the Centre for Policy on Ageing – they are associated with:

  • higher chances of depression
  • raised blood pressure, poor physical health, and early death

Are you still able to get around?

If you’re suffering from muscle weakness or joint pain, you may find it difficult to move around. And if you’re unsteady on your feet, you may already be at risk of falling — a major cause of disability among older adults.

Regular physical activity enhances your physical, mental and emotional health. It also helps you to reverse the signs of ageing – while enjoying a better quality of life for the rest of your life.

If like other senior citizens, you too are concerned about your (or your spouse’s) physical and emotional health and security, it’s never too late to act.

Senior living communities in India are a great option for all your age-related requirements.

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