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Any kind of investment needs proper planning and analysis and if its real estate, the planning, and analysis are much more rigorous because the stakes are higher. Usually, Real Estate investments take the highest capital from your portfolio and focus on long-term returns. Real Estate investment requires patience, sheer will, and a lot of capital to begin with.


Jaipur – the capital city of Rajasthan is rapidly emerging on the list of real estate hotspots in the country. As the pink city is gathering up pace in development and a strong IT industry is shaping up, the demand for residential as well as commercial real estate has risen significantly. Commercial real estate often requires much more capital investment and is often only suitable for seasoned investors, whereas residential real estate is suitable for first-time investors, regular investors as well as home buyers.


Here are Six points to carefully consider, before you go ahead and invest in the upcoming projects in Jaipur –




Location is very important for real estate investment because in the exact amount you can get different sizes of property and different returns based on the locations. Considering Jaipur, it is a great location, the pink city has everything – from a rich cultural heritage, various heritage sites, luxury hotels, and multiple natural marvels, to a rapidly shaping up IT industry, modern infrastructure, and great connectivity.


Connectivity – is something to take away from here and focus extra attention on. If investing in an under-construction property, do thorough research about the area and future developments around it. Maybe the area is not well connected now but it will be in 3-4 years, by the time your property is ready to move in (RTMI). Hence, thorough research is what you should do to make the most out of your hard-earned money.


2. Property type


Again, an important parameter is the type of property that you want to put your money in. Are you someone interested in flats, or would you rather buy land and build on it later? An under-construction flat is something that interests you, or an RTMI flat is what you’d rather go for? These are the questions that you should have answered before going on the property hunt. Do a thorough analysis based on your needs and try to stick to it, for a clearer and better understanding of future returns.


3. Property Legitimacy


Always confirm if the housing project you’re going for is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). These are comparatively less expensive housing options. Check the RERA number and approvals online or with municipal officials.


However, before deciding, compare monthly maintenance fees, amenities such as security and social clubs, electricity supply, water charges, and so on. You should also compare the market prices of other Ready to Move or under-construction projects, as well as the developer’s brand value, for future valuation as well as the building’s infrastructure. Be aware that poor construction may cost you more money in the long run.


4. Budget


As crucial as any other parameter is to decide your budget beforehand. Make sure you do not go overboard and put other expenses in danger. Pick an amount that you can comfortably invest for a longer period. Depending upon the type of property you’re investing in, decide your budget. For example, in the case of a Ready to Move in flat, you can go slightly overboard as you’ll get monthly rental yield however be extra careful with under-construction flats.


Another thing about a budget is to stick to it. It often happens that brokers and sellers lure you into spending more money for extra discounts but remember the money will be going from your pocket and it can hamper your portfolio badly. Hence, the only good plan is to stick to the plan!


5. Facilities in and around


It is fair to say what role facilities play in investment. Well, they do, the more premium looking, well-architectured, and amenities-laden the project is, the more will be demand and consequently, a better rental yield. Housing projects that have good security with guards and CCTV, a modern clubhouse with a swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor games, outdoor game courts, etc. are likely to give you a better rental yield and an overall better Return on Investment (ROI).


As much as the facilities on the campus matter, so do the facilities around it. If the housing project doesn’t have good schools, hospitals, shopping malls, convenience stores, etc. nearby, who would want to live in such a ghostly place?


6. Schemes and Future Aspects


One of the most neglected things are the schemes that go around buying a house. More than often, we neglect the schemes by the government, banks, and NBFCs, which can save us Lakhs of rupees at the time of purchase and even later.


Even if you have the capital amount ready, sometimes, taking a loan is a better option to save taxes and get lucrative offers. Government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) are very beneficial at times. With all the schemes combined, you can save and maybe extend your budget even more.


Future aspects of the property should also be kept in mind, to answer these questions, is the construction of quality, is the building fully legal, is the developer a prominent one, etc? Real Estate Investment is a long-term game and without going through the future aspects of the property you’re investing in, you should not go ahead.




You are your best decision-maker! Take advice from everywhere you may, real estate experts, the internet, relatives, or friends, in the end, remember that it’s your money and your life, and decide accordingly. Jaipur is a great place to invest in the current scenario, and a lot of prominent and famous real estate companies have been developing their housing projects in the city.


Ashiana Housing holds an experience of more than 42 years and has won multiple awards and recognitions for being true to ourselves and our customers. We have multiple housing projects in Jaipur which include Kid Centric Homes and Premium Homes. Our projects are spread across prominent locations –


● Mansarovar Extension –


We’ve launched our latest Premium Homes project in Mansarovar Extension, Jaipur i.e. Ashiana Ekansh. Built on 8.6 acres, Ekansh comes with High Rise Apartments with 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats. Ekansh is the center of connectivity with prominent schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, and convenience stores located in close proximity. Ashiana Ekansh comes with modern facilities and a central clubhouse where you can spend your leisure time in utmost luxury and comfort.


● Vaishali Extension –


Ashiana Amantran, High Rise Apartments, starting from Rs. 77.09 Lakhs


● Mahindra SEZ –


Ashiana Umang, Kid Centric Homes with Learning Hub, High Rise Apartments, starting from Rs. 45.30 Lakhs


● Jagatpura –


Vrinda Gardens, High Rise Apartments, starting from Rs. 48.93 Lakhs,


● ChokhiDhani –


Gulmohar Gardens, Low Rise Apartments, and Independent Villas, starting from Rs. 41.26 Lakhs


For more information on these projects, and other projects across the country, visit our website.

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