7 Best things to do when you Retire

You might find yourself in a difficult situation when you have retired and now have nothing to do to pass time. You might be coming around people telling you numerous ways to pass the time but in reality, everyone tells you ‘What’ and not ‘how’. Don’t worry though, we’ve carefully curated 7 of the best activities that you can take up in your retirement life. These are –


1.  Travel the world


As dreamy as it may sound, this is a great way to pass time and enjoy life. Depending on your health, budget, and liking, travel to anywhere and everywhere that you like.

Traveling is an activity that you can do at any age, especially now that you have so much free time – why not take advantage of it? However, before you decide to travel, make sure your plans are compatible with your health status, such as avoiding hilly areas if you have difficulty breathing, and so on. Keeping this in mind, go wherever you want, visit sacred sites, or simply visit cities you’ve always wanted to see!

Plan ahead of time for your travels and, if possible, rely on tour packages to make your job easier.


2.  Get fit – No more excuse of a ‘hectic schedule’


The world is moving toward fitness – the popularity of gyms, fitness centres, recreational sports centres, and other fitness facilities is growing, and people are attempting to stay fit. You don’t have to do much to stay fit; you can go for morning/evening walks, do yoga, meditate, play sports, or go to the gym – whatever works for you.

The more fit you are, the less likely you are to have health problems. Furthermore, staying fit activities can lead to you meeting more people and having a better social life.


3.  Revisit old hobbies – and make some new ones!


Do you also miss playing that guitar? Or going on that sunday morning bike ride with your friends – well now’s a great time. If you’ve always wondered how people play music – why not give it a try? Try out all that you once wanted to but didn’t have the time for.


4.  Volunteer – Give back to the community


Volunteer in any way you can. Many of you may have retired from a job where you can give back to the community in a more straightforward way than others, such as teachers! If you’re a teacher, you can probably now teach a few underprivileged kids for free! Similarly, there are numerous ways to give back to your community based on your previous profession or even your current skill set!


5.  Make Friends – Yes, at your age as well!


Many of you might think that what is the purpose of making friends at your age – well, age is just a number, and as you all know, we humans,have always been social animals! Then why not get back to our ‘hunting grounds’? It is scientifically proven that the more social you are the lesser are the chances of you being unhealthy. Organize and attend get-togethers, meet your old friends, and make friends in your neighborhood or across the seven seas – especially in the internet era, where anything is possible!


6.  Bring back your school days – Read & Write


There’s a plethora of knowledge in books – if possible, make a reading habit, start small with newspapers, magazines, or weekly articles, and then go on to books. Pick up your favorite genre and just get going! Reading not only gives you a lot of knowledge but makes you rich in words. While you’re at it, try out writing as well, write daily journals, or poetry or short stories – anything that you like. You can also make use of several apps and/or websites that promote both reading and writing alike.


7.  Be a pet parent or perhaps a ‘plant’ parent!


You can never too old to have a pet. Although pets are an additional responsibility, let us admit that they are wonderful and improve our lives in so many ways! Gardening, while not identical, is a fantastic hobby to pursue! You can plant and watch your favourite trees, fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow!

Many of you might not like animals – in that case, you can try your hand at gardening and be ‘plant’ parents. Or if you have the time and passion – why not do both?




However simple the aforementioned points seem – they are rarely easy to follow. It’s easy to advise you for walking – but is it suitable for you to walk amidst the polluted air with traffic all around? Similarly, trying out a new hobby or playing sports – everything is a challenge when you don’t have similarly aged and like-minded people around.


This is a problem that is solved easily by community living in Ashiana’s Senior Living Homes! Senior Living Homes are not just a place of residence – but a lifestyle of their own. SLHs are housing projects which are often located in a place with lesser pollution, away from the hustle-bustle of cities, and are designed in an age-friendly manner.


Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Senior Living Homes in the country, offering top-class facilities. We currently serve more than 1800 happy seniors across our three projects, in which we take care of everything for our residents – from an active and healthy lifestyle to healthy vegetarian meals, an active routine, and regular health check-ups.


We’ve recently launched our most premium Senior Living Home yet – Ashiana Advik, with innovative and first-in-class ‘Activescapes’. Advik comes with spacious apartments as well as independent villas – you can choose the house of your liking and embark with us on a journey of life. Retirement Life with Ashiana Senior Living is a whole different experience that you can’t get anywhere else!


For registrations and further information on Ashiana Advik, click here. Visit our site to know more about our Senior Living Homes.


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