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Senior-Living is a conceptual active-lifestyle that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. When people enter the golden years of their lives, it’s like the youth all over again – no responsibilities and lots of free time at their disposal. However, at this age, people require certain care – someone to look after them, and not harming their independence at the same time. Senior Living is anything but “old-age homes”. Basically, senior living homes are just normal housing projects – with added perks and care for the senior citizens living there. These perks include house-help, caretakers (as and when needed), first-aid and immediate medical attention, a healthy and active lifestyle, community building activities, and much more.

Seven reasons why children should let their parents move into a senior-living:

  1. Parents have to adjust according to us when they live with us. In an average modern household, children are usually working individuals, which means work 5/6 days a week, outings only on the weekends (if any), or spending time with their family only on the weekends. All routine – of eating, sleeping, etc. revolves around the working individuals which in turn takes a toll on the health of senior citizens of the house. For people who have worked all their lives for their children giving them a good life, it is only natural that their lives should no more revolve around their children or grandchildren.
  1. Most of the people in the city are working individuals which basically means living trapped in four walls for the senior citizens. Throughout the day, parents have to live alone, which is really unhealthy – humans being social animals, at any age, we do require friends, and need to socialize which is mostly impossible in cities. Even the housemaids and house help are not trustworthy in the beginning in major cities to be left alone with parents.
  1. When children are working somewhere away from their parents and they’re living alone, it’s better for them to live in a senior living. For parents who are living alone, there are very few people to look after them or take care of them. Living without friends at any age can be really troublesome. Senior living homes ensure continuous care(optional) and a hassle-free lifestyle for all, along with a community of people that soon become friends from neighbors, and family in no time.
  1. Senior-living gives a community of like-minded and same age group people. As addressed in the previous point, life at senior living homes is never lonely. There are lots and lots of activities, and lots of free time to take part in them. People think that a community consisting of only senior citizens and no youth may not be a good idea, but youth is not defined by age, youth is nothing but having carefree time and doing things at our own will. This is something that makes all the senior citizens living in senior living homes, younger than ever.
  1. It’s much better and different than dull old-age homes. Old-age homes are mostly a non-indulging environment, unlike senior living homes. Senior living homes are self-owned apartments, unlike the dorms in old-age homes. Old-age homes are mostly charitable, while senior-living homes form a self-owned community, hence, better facilities in all terms. Medical assistance in senior living homes is far better than any old-age home offers. Moreover, senior living homes have tie-ups with good hospitals for cases of emergency, unlike old-age homes that rush to the nearest hospital in such cases.
  1. It’s optional for the residents to take help/care and cafe food, they can lead a totally independent life and cook for themselves, do chores themselves, or have house help – totally their call. Senior living homes do not impose any kind of care or help upon the residents. It’s totally their call – how they wish to lead their life, to participate in activities or not, to play sports or not, basically, independence in the true sense, yet not independent to a point that no one’s looking after them.
  1. Senior living allows the senior citizens to rediscover themselves, polish their long-lost talents/hobbies, learn new stuff, play sports, do yoga, go walking or running, all of which basically feels like youth – all over again! Senior living homes are equipped with courts of various sports, gymnasiums, clubhouses, swimming pools, amphitheater, jogging, and walking tracks, etc. In addition to all these, yoga clubs, environment clubs, reading clubs, etc. are there to keep the senior citizens occupied and help them socialize more with a cause or hobby.

Healthcare and social life are the two major perks of any senior living. These projects are equipped with all the necessary facilities and staff to make the life of each and every senior citizen hassle-free and get all their work done without them having to worry about it. On the other hand for people who like to be independent and do their work themselves, there’s no boundation whatsoever – to have food at community cafes, or to have caretakers, etc. Various activities lined up in the calendar of senior livings make it easy for everyone to socialize and make friends. Senior living homes give an experience so good that none of the residents ever wish to move out!

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