A Guide to Buying your Retired Parents a home

In our opinion there can be no better gift for our retired parents than a whole new lifestyle. Senior Living Homes are not just a place to reside but an address to a healthy and active life.


Elaborating on the point mentioned above, earlier, retirement communities meant just one thing – Old Age Homes. And the image that comes to our mind on hearing the term ‘Old Age Homes’ is of dingy dormitories with bare minimum facilities. Well, this is nothing but the truth. Old-Age Homes are vanishing for good. No one would want their parents to live in such an environment that is everything but cheerful and full of life.


Old-age homes are now being replaced by Senior Living Communities – which can broadly be categorized into two –


1.Care Homes –


As the name suggests, care homes are the communities where 24×7 care and assistance are provided to the Senior Citizens. Senior Citizens who are unable to do daily tasks such as washing, bathing, brushing, etc., and/or are suffering from a disease that requires regular care and attention, should opt for Care Homes.


Ashiana Housing’s care homes consist of single and double occupancy flats and come with facilities like –

  • Caregivers who are even trained to deal with chronic and progressive illnesses
  • 24×7 Nurses and an ambulance facility
  • Regular doctor visits and on-call doctors
  • Pharmacy on the campus
  • Regularly planned activities to keep the residents active
  • Regular updates to Next of Kin
  • Tie-ups with prominent nearby hospitals
  • Dining Hall with Pure Veg food
  • Celebrations – birthdays and anniversaries
  • House Keeping, Laundry, Saloon, etc.
  • Fully furnished rooms

2.Senior Living Homes –


Now, SLHs are for Senior Citizens who are more active and are able to do daily tasks easily and conveniently. SLHs are housing societies that are designed and constructed to provide Senior Citizens with an active and healthy life.


Ashiana’s Senior Living Homes come with the best-in-class facilities and age-friendly amenities like –

  • Wheelchair accessible campus
  • Chamfered wall edges and corners – in the flats as well as campus
  • Anti-skid tiles in the bathrooms
  • Grab rails in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Night lamps in master bedroom
  • Switches with LED indicators for easy access
  • Rooms and bathrooms fitted with Emergency Response System
  • Medical Room
  • OPD Service and on-call doctors
  • 24×7 Nurse and Ambulance assistance
  • Tie-ups with prominent hospitals

In addition to these numerous age-friendly facilities, our SLHs have a lot of facilities that make the lives of our residents not only convenient but cheerful and fun all the same.


Buying a Senior Living Home for your Retired Parents


In our opinion there can be no better gift for our retired parents than a whole new lifestyle. Senior Living Homes are not just a place to reside but an address to a healthy and active life.


Here are some quick pointers to be taken into consideration while buying your retired parents a Senior Living Home –

  • Communicate –

The very first step is to communicate with your parents about buying them a house in a Senior Living Community. Make sure you communicate the numerous benefits of moving into an SLH. Go ahead with the plan only if your parents are fully convinced of moving.

  • Identify the needs –

Identify if your parents need continuous care or just a senior living community with a healthy lifestyle. If your parents require continuous care, consider Care Homes over At-home care, read more about it here. For active Senior Citizens, SLHs are the best option.

  • Search for a suitable house –

After proper communication and identifying the needs of your parents, the next step is to search for a suitable ‘Service Provider’, because SLHs and Care Homes are not just bout infrastructure but the quality of service that they provide.

  • Location –

Make sure that the SLH you choose is located in a pollution-free environment, slightly away from the buzzing cities. A Senior Living Home that is close to nature and offers a scenic and serene environment and yet is easily accessible, should be an ideal choice.

  • Age-friendly infrastructure –

Yes, the quality of services matters more than the infrastructure but still it is not something to be neglected. Take a site visit to ensure that regular maintenance is done and age-friendly facilities are present.

  • Facilities –

The facilities that are present in housing societies should be present. After all, the 50s is the new 20s. Facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, badminton court, common area, canteen, clubhouse with indoor games, etc. should be present.

  • Active lifestyle –

Of the various services provided in any Senior Living Home, this one is a must. Make sure that the SLH you choose to buy a flat in has daily planned activities that promote health, fitness, and social life.

  • A proactive team –

The team of any Senior Living Home is the backbone of it. Without an active and eager team, Senior Living Homes will be just normal housing societies with ill-maintenance and unhappy residents.


It is easy to list out what to look for in Senior Living Homes but not so easy to find SLHs that land well on these conditions. Well, you might not have to look that hard, our Senior Living Homes satisfy all the points mentioned above.


Our Senior Living Homes are located away from the city’s hustle-bustle and are well constructed with well-laid lush green exteriors and beautifully (and conveniently) designed interiors.


At Ashiana Senior Living Homes, we currently serve more than 1800 happy seniors across all our projects. Currently, our Senior Living Homes are running in four i.e. Jaipur, Lavasa-Pune, Bhiwadi – Delhi/NCR, and Chennai. Flats are available in the following properties –


We also have Care Homes in Jaipur and Bhiwadi – Delhi/NCR, click here to know more. For any further queries, doubts, or assistance, you can visit our site.

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