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Dr. Poornima Rao

This blog is contributed by Dr. Poornima Rao. We are sincerely thankful to her for sharing the experience and bringing us the insights of her visit to Ashiana.

Senior living communities largely a western concept has been cropping up in India for many years now but I never had an opportunity to visit any. With changing trends in education and employment, it is now very common to see nuclear families, which dwindles down to two individuals at an age people like to refer as the “silver years of one’s life”. However what is important to note is that liveliness and vitality never really leaves us all, irrespective of age.   

Ashiana Senior Living at a Glance

On my visit, what grabbed my attention was that staying at a Senior living society is not something that was planned because of lack of options but it was a choice made by residents for a better quality of life. It was a well thought out investment made while years in anticipation. Many residents who had been friends for decades had chosen living quarters next to each other, spending more quality time together than earlier.

The place was filled with tranquility and positivity which is a luxury in today’s world. The abundant greenery, long stretches of parks, community areas and amphitheaters not only enable the residents to develop a community feeling but have been very smartly designed to enable individuals of all ages to participate. The place has been designed keeping all the challenges of aging in mind but with utmost care to not make any of the changes accentuate the feeling of growing old.

senior citizen living homes

Group photo - During the visit.

The place was also pet-friendly which warmed my heart as well. The assisted living facility has been designed with an emphasis to cater for those needing more assistance than others. It was also very interesting to note that the young minds were constantly entertained even in the assisted facility.

The staff and the residents left us more positive at the end of the day. They showed a sense of belonging and togetherness which is rarely seen in the city apartment life today. It surprised us all when we learned that they also took responsibility for all the activities of the community and planned events by themselves. The cooking event which we attended was a live example of the community effort to stay healthy and happy together.

A quote often said about mankind: "Man is a creature who adapts to everything but loneliness". The visit told us all that man shouldn’t be adapting loneliness when such wonderful societies can be a source of new friendships which improve the quality of life. After all, a better quality of life would mean a better quality of mental health.


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