Age Gracefully: Make A Plan to Beat Loneliness

As people age, there are several health issues that concern them. But many face another common senior challenge, that they sometimes don’t even acknowledge. This is the problem of ‘loneliness’.


Some seniors live in isolation for days; without leaving the house or talking to loved ones. This makes them feel isolated and lonely. Many feel this way, but very few talk about it.


As their children move out, work associations end, and friends and companions- move or pass away- they gradually start losing the core of their social and emotional support.


Once they reach a stage, where they can no longer drive safely or find it hard to get around independently, there is little they can do to stay engaged- making them lonely and sometimes even depressed.


Loneliness, in turn, leads to the onset of several chronic health issues like high blood pressure, loss of immunity, Alzheimer’s, depression, and so on. Often termed as a silent killer, loneliness is even known to reduce life span.


Seniors Need a Plan to Beat Loneliness


Entering the silver years can be daunting. Its new innings in life and a wholesome plan needs to be in place. Experts say that apart from physical health, it’s essential to take care of your mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health; to age well and live a happier and fuller life.


For most people, planning retirement includes making provisions for pension, hobbies, regular health check-ups, senior-friendly equipment, etc. However, what most seniors don’t plan for is an active social life to beat loneliness.


Here is how you can ensure your silver years are loneliness-proof.


Have Someone to Share a Laugh With

As you grow older, finding new friendships and social connections can become increasingly difficult. Make friends with fellow retirees who have plenty of time to socialize. You will enjoy a sense of belonging in a community that you can connect with.

Find a Platform for Mindful Engagement

Find a platform to engage with other seniors, take part in the various community activities together, enjoy games and sports, and relax with peers. Yoga, swimming, baking, learning a new sport or instrument, or joining a book club is a great way to meet, interact and emotionally connect with people who share your interests.

Live in a Community That is Just Right For You

In most communities, neighbours are likely to be occupied with going to work, raising a family, etc. having little time to engage with the silver residents. Senior living communities offer a solution to this.

Living in senior living communities not just helps you form friendships with peers, but also offer a platform for engaging activities that you can do together with your friends in a group.

To top it all, you still get to enjoy the independence of your own home or apartment within the community.

The Mantra to a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life – A Socially Active Lifestyle

As you enter the silver years, take charge and figure out ways to create new social connections, meet with new people, engage in activities with your peers, and build heart-to-heart emotional bonds.

Live. Laugh. And Love. And, that’s the secret of ageing gracefully.


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