Aging Parents: Is independent living safe for seniors?

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ManyIndians take pride in the fact that their children are living happily abroad.But as they age, this becomes a worry for both – the parents who are livinghere, and the children who have flown to distant countries. This motivates themto search for safe senior living accommodation. Statistics show that 100million senior citizens are currently living in India. By 2021, this figure isexpected to reach 150 million. Many of them will live independently and thetrend has already started. forward thinking builders such as Ashania Housinghas made Senior living in India today and in the near future a wonderfulexperience.

But the overriding question is, Is independent living safe for seniors? Gone are the days when dada-dadi and nana-nani live with the children. Now the attitude is ‘we want space’, and maybe surprising the older generation also want the same! It is but natural that family members want them to be safe and well taken care of. Ashiana Senior  Living ensures that seniors lead an active lifestyle and give senior citizens the right platforms for physical activity, varied social engagements and medical well-being in addition to taking proportionate measures of security.

Itis of great pride to say that we are the pioneers of independent senior citizenliving. There are independent units of 1,2, and 3 bedrooms, complete with aspacious living room, and a modular kitchen. The only criterion is that aperson should be 55 years or above. Putting their trust in Ashiana Housing,many people pre-booked the flats even before the earth was broken for the Bhiwadiproject (the first one). Today, our senior living projects are in Chennai,Lavasa, and Jaipur.

Thechildren of most of the senior citizens who live here, are abroad. They wanteda safe place for their parents and found it in Ashiana Housing. Over the years,the needs changed of the residents. From independent living, it graduallybecame assisted living.

Safetyis about health and physical protection. The ‘care homes’ are a ‘next level’ reassuranceof the family of the people who live here, and the residents themselves. Incase anyone has an emergency or requires specialized health care, there areambulances that are ready 24×7 to ferry the patient to the hospital of theirchoice.  As for protection, not only arethere guards at check points but there are also cc cameras throughout thecampus that are being constantly monitored. In the day, many of thehousekeeping staff are on the premises sweeping and cleaning, gardeners tendingthe well landscaped parks and gardens, and the maintenance staff who attend theneeds of the residents. So if anything untoward happens, someone is there tohelp. The streets are well lit at night and there is absolutely no need to fearanything, making the place safe day and night. Over and above, there is aresponsible person 24×7 at the help desk, which is located in the office. Incase there is any requirement, they are there to help you. They also extend ahand in case a person has personal problems such using the mobile phone, paythe electricity bills, organize a courier if a parcel or papers need to besent, etc.The cherry on the cake is the camaraderie thatsprings up between the seniors living here. One can easily take the lift and godown to the beautifully landscaped parks. Because everyone living here has thesame problems and joys, it is easy to develop friendships with like-minded people.People have the time to listen to one another’s problems and empathize whenrequired. This is also a safety valve for seniors who are living alone.Especially for those who have lost their spouse and need company to lead ahealthy life. Though there are many other gated communities, Ashiana provideseverything possible to make senior citizens’ living a great experience in theAugust years of their lives. A survey of the residents confirmed that shiftinghere is one of the best decisions of their lives. It is safe, stress-free, andenjoyable making the 2nd innings a win-win situation.

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