Amarah by Ashiana: Journey of the Playful & Secure Home

We are living in a world where theme projects have become much more popular in due course. Especially Senior Living Homes and Kid Centric Homes are being sought after by many more people now as their advantages begin to surface.


Kid Centric Homes are residential housing projects designed while keeping the development of children as the central thought. As we move towards modern, educated society, families are becoming more nuclear and usually, both parents are working. As a result, the Kid Centric Homes came into existence, and now, they’re parents’ favorites.


Ashiana Housing is the pioneer of Kid Centric Homes in India and currently serves more than 1300 across our 3 projects. Our 4th project is under construction, and with this, we’re all set to raise the bar of Kid Centric Homes in the country.


Our newest project is Amarah by Ashiana, located in sector-93, Gurugram. Amarah is spread over an area of 22 acres, of which 6.7 acres are lush green exteriors. The project is full of innovative and luxurious amenities for kids centered around four key elements –

  • Learning
  • Nurturing
  • Support
  • Care

Amarah provides a perfect blend of learning, growth, fun, and overall development altogether with its kid-centric amenities. At Ashiana, we are known for providing a holistic fun, and nurturing environment to the growing kids which will ultimately lead them into becoming multi-faceted personalities and responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Amarah comes with a central Learning Hub where children can walk in simply to explore their passions and widen their horizons or choose to master some specific arts. We have individual rooms that include – an art & crafts room, dance room, music room, study room, reading room, and activity room. All these rooms have professional instructors who know just the right way to spark kids’ creativity and focus on their holistic growth and development.


With Amarah, we’re introducing something that has had significant thought and the result will be something like you’d have never seen before. We bring you – innovative playing areas. Some of you might have heard from your parents and grandparents about how they used to play in the streets – this not only brought the kids together but also their families. At Amarah, we’ve brought back the 90s play street, in a rather modern and safe avatar!


Our innovative playing areas include –


Our Play Street Area for kids to make friends, play games, follow trails, and simply enjoy themselves to the fullest. This street is specifically designed to keep the kids engaged at all times. This street includes –

  • Treehouse
  • Ribbon Seating
  • Seating
  • Dry Fountain with Rain Shower
  • Kids Play Area
  • Hopscotch
  • Central Feature Tree
  • Maze
  • Stepped Green Terrace
  • Cycling Ramp
  • Pergola Net Play AreA
  • Tunnel Play
  • Dry Stream
  • Vegetable Gardens

The second innovative play area at Amarah is the Doorstep Play Area. You guessed it right, a playing area just as you step outside, which is safe for toddlers, easily accessible, and brings a lot of wholesome fun and amusement with it.


Another one of our innovative play areas is the Adventurous Play Area.  this one is no less than an adventure park and comes with ziplining, jumping pads, tunnels, etc. At this play area children can play and go on escapades at the same time, solving mysteries, making puzzles, and all in all, living their childhood to the fullest.


The list of our amenities does not end here, we also have Parks spread over 6.7 acres which offer children lots of space to play, run, jump, and make friends. These parks also have vegetable patches where kids can indulge in gardening and might even surprise you with some homegrown tomatoes! These parks aren’t your regular parks, they too come with certain perks like –

  • Walkway
  • Water Cascade
  • Mound
  • Stepped Plaza
  • Stramp
  • Sandpit
  • Seating with Pergola
  • Thicket/Forest
  • Party Lawn
  • Canopy and Gazebo

We have multiple amenities for fun and enjoyment but haven’t neglected on your kids’ Safety & Security. We have multiple guards patrolling through the campus round-the-clock and 24×7 CCTV surveillance.


To ensure the seamless working and maintenance of our numerous amenities, we have in place our in-house Maintenance Team. Ashiana’s maintenance team is always handy whenever you need them. They take care of tasks like garbage collection, cleaning, and planned maintenance of electricals, on a timely basis and also organize inter-complex events for children, for family, and at festivals too.


Despite being a Kid Centric Home, Amarah by Ashiana has something for every age. At the heart of the project, you’ll find a clubhouse spread over 27,000 sq. ft. The clubhouse is your one-stop shop for fun and recreation. Be it your daily workout, your weekend swim, your evening coffee, or movie nights, we’ve got you all covered. Our clubhouse is a place where you, your family, and your kids can enjoy and have leisure time altogether. Our clubhouse comes with –

  • Sports Hall which includes Billiards and Table Tennis
  • Indoor Kids Play Area
  • Expansive Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Media Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Party Hall

Amarah is a place where childhood remains childhood. It is also a place that has something to offer for people of all ages. Make Amarah your next family home, click here to visit our website.

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