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We are slowly and gradually transitioning towards a world with better living spaces and an independent lifestyle for Senior Citizens. Old-age homes are slowly approaching extinction and are now being replaced by Senior Living Homes for good.


Gone are the days when we had dingy, dull, and gloomy dormitories with bare minimum facilities that we apparently called Old-age homes. Old-age homes largely focussed on survival, not on living. Senior Living Homes on the other hand provide independence to our Senior Citizens while not compromising their health and safety.


Senior Living Homes aim at providing a healthy and active lifestyle to Senior Citizens. Unlike Old-age homes, SLHs have standalone flats and/or villas with age-friendly designs. In an ideal SLH, every home is fitted with an ERS(Emergency Response System). SLHs follow a routine that includes everything from exercise, yoga, and meditation, to rest, play, and eating hours!


There are many real estate companies that have started developing Senior Living Homes, but a brand that led this one-of-a-kind revolution and has been pioneering Senior Living Homes ever since is Ashiana Housing. We’ve recently been ranked 1, yet again, for the 6th time in a row, by Track2Realty, 2022. These awards and accolades are just a measure of our unparalleled service and dedication to our residents.


By the launch of our newest project in the Senior Living Segment we are again setting high standards for others, by developing a project that combines Luxury with Senior Living. Ashiana Advik is our latest Senior Living Homes project launching soon in Alwar bypass road, Bhiwadi.


Spread across a whopping 16.9 acres, Ashiana Advik is covered with lush green landscapes and water bodies. The list of amenities at Advik is a never-ending one, some of them are-

  • Flats/villas with Emergency Response Systems
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Fans and tube lights preinstalled
  • Concierge Service in each block
  • Dining Hall
  • Geyser and Exhaust fan in bathrooms
  • Wooden wardrobes in bedrooms
  • Lifts with Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

These were just our basic  facilities, at Advik, we’ve outdone ourselves and have specific facilities –

  • For fun and games –
    • Sports Zone
    • Cycling Area
    • Movie/sports screening
    • Party Area
    • Game Area
    • Grandkids Play Area
  • For relaxation –
    • Terrace Garden
    • Introspection Sphere
    • Relaxation Square
    • Forest Bathing
    • Pet Park
    • Aqua Zone
  • Clubhouse facilities include –
    • AC Gymnasium
    • Swimming Pool
    • Art & Craft Room
    • Media Room
    • Indoor Badminton Court
    • Reading Room
    • Music Room
    • Card/Carrom Room
    • Table Tennis and Pool tables
    • Cafeteria/Terrace Cafe

With all these facilities, we’re setting a new benchmark for Senior Living. We aim at bringing many more such projects in the future and hope that others do too. It is high time for us to realize that Senior Citizens deserve no less. We look for luxury, leisure, fun, games, relaxation, etc. all our life, so why stop in old age?


We do have a lot of facilities and attractive amenities, but that is just a part of our success as Senior Living Pioneers. What makes us special and worth-it, is our team, our maintenance, our medical staff, and our support staff.


No system is a good system without proper maintenance. Our teams work constantly to keep everything going seamlessly. Our cooks are best at what they do and provide healthy vegetarian meals for all our Senior Citizens. Our support staff is always keen to help even if it’s the middle of the night.


We’ve always been a company that cares, we’ve revolutionized Senior Living Homes once, and with Ashiana Advik, we aim to do that once again. Advik is not just a Senior Living Home, it’s a place where luxury meets comfort, where Senior Citizens get an active and healthy life, where life blooms up amidst the vast green fields, and where activities are constant throughout the year.


Be a part of this one-of-a-kind Luxury Senior Living Experience, visit our site today for prices and other inquiries.

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