Ashiana Advik: Stay Active as you Age

Ashiana Housing – the pioneer in Senior Living Homes in the country, brings you the most luxurious and premium Senior Living Homes yet – Ashiana Advik.

Retirement is often referred to as the second childhood. Now, many people say this in a negative sense but we beg to differ. Retirement is called the second childhood because you’re finally free from the responsibilities, be it your family or your extended family or work or finances or anything else, just like you were in your childhood. Secondly, you get a lot of time at your disposal which you can use to hone your passions and explore new ones, make friends, stroll around the parks, go for walks, regain your social life lost to meetings, and do everything you once had no time for!


However, was time the only thing stopping us from doing all these activities? If so, why do we not see more senior citizens in parks, walking down the roads, or in cafes? The answer lies in the environment. Most of us live in overcrowded, polluted cities, always stuck in traffic jams, and people running around for their work-life balance. In such an environment, many senior citizens prefer living at home for health as well as safety issues. Although this isn’t a sustainable lifestyle yet the only option for many senior citizens out there. One can do only little activity enclosed in the four walls of his/her home.


Many studies have shown that it is very crucial for senior citizens to be physically active in order to keep their muscles and bones in a good condition. Here’s where Senior Living Homes save the day. Senior Living Homes are nothing like old-age homes where the central idea is survival, at SLHs the central idea is healthy and active living. Senior Living Homes are not merely homes but a whole lifestyle that boasts of activity and liveliness in all aspects.


Innovative ‘Activescapes’ at Ashiana Advik


Spread over 16.9 acres of lush green landscapes, Advik is designed to provide an active lifestyle with:

  • Morningscapes- As the day starts with morning, start your day at Advik with a morning walk on one of our many morning walk pathways. You’ll find greenery and many amenities along the way to help you breathe pure air and soak in the goodness of forests. There are scientifically designed walking tracks along with acupressure walking tracks as well.
  • Landscapes- Multiple gardens await you at Advik with goodness that allows you to best enjoy any season. Open areas for soaking in the sun in chilly winters, and shaded areas with a cool breeze to beat the harsh summer sun – we’ve got it all covered.
  • Greenscapes- You’ll never find yourself living in a concrete jungle with so much greenery all around. Greenery resembles activity and brings peace of mind, go on an evening or even night walks without having to worry about pollution or traffic woes.
  • Sportingscapes- Get back at the court and hit smashes, checkmate your opponent just like the old days, hop in for a swim, and sweat it out at the gym, age is no bar for being fit and healthy. Get on top of your game with our sportingscapes having courts for various sports like badminton, cricket, croquet, cycling, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Clubscapes- Our luxuriously designed 29000 sq. ft. clubhouse awaits you! Socialize with other residents, make friends, play games, organize dinner parties, go for a swim, or simply relax in the lounging areas. It is said that time just flies by in our clubhouses!
  • Festivescapes- Time to make up for all those missed opportunities to organize festivals. Put your creative ideas and hands together and conduct festivals as you’ve always wanted to. And be ready to partake in Ashiana’s signature annual cultural festival – JASHN!
  • Socialscapes- Who doesn’t like to socialize and make friends right? Meet with your fellow residents, and organize and participate in activities that float your boat. Not one to organize? Don’t worry, our activity managers keep on organizing activities for people with similar interests. At Advik, there’ll never be a dull moment for you!
  • Homescapes- Let’s move inside our homes. Our maintenance team is always eager to help you with anything and everything. We have a concierge service as well. Our special moving-in team helps you move in seamlessly, without having to do any work whatsoever. You’re welcome to your home, which comes fitted with a modular kitchen, piped-LPG, and power backup, while other things of daily utility – medicines or groceries, or even cash – are available within just walking distance.
  • Livingscapes- All our homes are well designed with more liveable space per unit, chamfered wall edges, grabrails in bathrooms, switches with LED indicators, and wheelchair-friendly apartments. Advik also allows you to live in luxurious independent villas, with all these amenities and more!
  • Foodscapes- For living healthy you must eat healthily, and at Ashiana Advik, it won’t ever be a problem. Indulge in our home-style cooked healthy vegetarian meals or have a dinner party at our rooftop restaurants. You can always use our food kiosks on days that you want something different, or cook yourself a meal when you feel like it. Feeling under the weather – get your food home delivered. Ashiana is all about freedom to choose.
  • Safescapes- Safety, and health stays our top priority at all times. Guards are patrolling through the campus 24×7 to keep a look at all our residents’ safety and well-being. In addition to the guards, all our staff members, be it the concierge service, or the maintenance team, are ready to assist you in any way possible. In case of any medical emergency, we have a 24×7 ambulance facility, on-call doctors, and an emergency response system in all homes.

At Ashiana Advik, retirement life will be nothing like you’d have ever imagined! It will be full of activity and fun and socializing and enjoyment and living! Be a part of our family, visit our website today for further details and inquiries about registration!


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