Best ways to add fun & smiles to post-retirement years

Retirement years don’t have to be confined within the four walls of your home being antisocial and devoid of any activity. Retirement years are like a second childhood – you get a chance to be independent, active, carefree, and enjoy all aspects of your life without any disturbance! It’s your chance to do everything you once wanted to but didn’t have enough time for, dig up your old hobbies and make various new ones.


Here are some ways to add fun & smiles and live your retirement years to the fullest –


●    Celebrate Yourself –


Never miss a chance to celebrate your life’s achievements. Living a life so long and handling responsibilities for such a long period is an achievement. Live each day to the fullest, engage in healthy conversations, and build a routine that suits you and keeps you healthy.


●    Spend Time with Family –


Our greatest support system is our families. Spend time with your family, if you live away from them, visit them or ask them to visit you when the time permits. If frequent visits aren’t possible, connect over audio/video calls. Especially spend time with your grandchildren, you can also help in babysitting, reading to them, taking them out for activities, etc.


●    Step out of your comfort zone –


Don’t do this with a hustling mindset, by stepping out of your comfort zone, we only mean to try new things that you were reluctant to try before. This can be as simple as reading a genre that once made you uncomfortable or trying out a new cuisine! Just don’t limit yourself – this is your time to do all that you’ve missed!


●    Read and Write –


Reading and writing are great hobbies as they also promote learning. Read newspapers, novels, short stories, blogs, articles, magazines – anything you could possibly find. Try to write too, write a journal, or if you’re someone interested in writing, now is the chance to compile all your works so far.


●    Travel –


Traveling is literally the most liberating experience that any human can experience! Travel as much as you like (only if your health permits). Travel to the neighboring town, go to that temple that you’ve always wanted to, travel in groups, or go solo – do as you please, but do always take care of yourselves.


●    Play Sports –


Before you think about your age, let us say that age is just a number! You don’t have to be Usain Bolt to be running, you can run at your own pace! Play cricket, football, tennis, badminton, anything that gives you joy! If outdoor sports or too much physical activity is not your cup of tea, indulge in indoor sports, carrom, chess, billiards, etc. Sports are a great way to socialize and at the same time stay healthy – both physically and mentally.


●    Stay Fit –


Linking to the previous point – play any sport you like; besides many other advantages, sports are a fun way to keep yourself fit! Besides sports, you can go on morning and evening walks, swimming, or even hit the gym if you like!


●    Organize and attend get-togethers –


Staying social slows down aging and is beneficial for your mental health! If you have the knack for it, organize get-togethers and invite your friends over! If you’re not someone to organize, attend the get-togethers that you’re invited to! Make friends and stay as social as you can.


●    Participate in events –


Find events happening around you and participate in them, go to stand-up shows, music shows, or movies, and just have fun!


●    Find your lost passions –


Find that old guitar that has been catching dust for quite some time now. Or buy a new one if you’ve always wanted to learn guitar but never had the time to! Similarly, brush up on your passions, and discover several new ones.


Some of you might argue that your homes don’t really allow you to be fit or social, and that’s true too! Most of us live in metros with too much pollution and hustle-bustle, and the environment is more likely to make you ill than to benefit you while out on a walk! It is tough to find similarly aged people let alone find people with similar tastes.


For Post-Retirement problems, the sole solution is – Senior Living Homes!


Senior Living Homes are places where you are independent to do anything you like! You have your own homes and get to live in a community of like-minded and similarly aged individuals.


Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Senior Living Homes in India. All our SLHs come with an age-friendly design and amenities. In addition to these, we have multiple leisure and sports facilities to keep you healthy, active, and social at the same time!


Visit our website to know more about our Senior Living Homes.

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