Bursting The Top 7 Meaningless Myths Around Senior Citizen Homes

In India, where living in a joint family setup has been the eternal norm, opting for senior citizen homes for retirement might sound absurd to many. It also might feel like something that will be frowned upon or gossiped about in society.

However, there is only little reasoning behind this archaic kind of thinking. The truth is that with the changing lifestyle patterns, senior citizen homes present the best chance to live through retired life in the most fun, regret-free and independent manner.

All thanks to the pointless myths associated with these homes, many people tend to feel confused or reconsider if opting for them is the right way to go. However, these doubts make little sense today, given the bundle of advantages these homes have to offer.

Myth 1 – When I have sons & daughters who love me, why do I need to stay away from them?

This is a completely flawed notion and one that definitely needs to be addressed. Living in senior citizen homes in no way implies that the individuals don’t love their families or that their families don’t care about them anymore. There’s nothing about these homes that make them inappropriate for retired individuals with locally residing sons and daughters, especially with the changing nature of society today.

It is important to recognize and realize that ageing and growing older is something universal. When one enters the golden age of life, that person needs to feel support, love and, a sense of belonging. While all of these have always been in abundance in spirit and practice at Indian homes, the present day urban lifestyle often doesn’t permit most individuals to spend as much time with their ageing parents as they want to or could afford to years ago. This is where these homes come in, making the senior citizens feel independent, happy and cared for at all times.

Being surrounded by like-minded, similar aged individuals, the inhabitants of these homes get to enjoy themselves with appropriate company whenever they want. Moreover, since these homes are designed keeping their specific age-linked needs in mind, the environment is best suited for them. Staff is always available and is well trained with the knowledge to handle any urgent health problems.

Myth 2 – I will get bored living alone, with absolutely nothing to do

There’s nothing even remotely boring about residing in senior living facilities. Modern senior citizen homes can be as fun, if not more than living with family. Most of them regularly organize interactive and recreational activities for their residents to explore their interests and keep themselves actively busy. The senior individuals could attempt to shake a leg at a dance class, try out singing, or maybe learn how to paint while socializing with others in the community. There are always multiple activity options to choose from and keep oneself occupied and busy.

Moreover, many senior citizen homes also plan and organize tournaments for games such as golf, cricket or other sports that the whole family can together take part in. Instead of needing to go out every weekend to spend time with family, their children and grandchildren may also visit their homes to spend some quality time with them there itself.

Myth 3 – I’ll become depressed and lonely

This is another major fallacy. The truth is that in senior citizen homes, the inhabitants tend to feel much less lonely, and have the right kind of company to be able to joyfully pass their time.

Naturally, at home with working sons and daughters, or school going grandchildren, the retired have to spend most of the day by themselves, with little activity to keep themselves busy. This often makes them feel lonely or depressed.

On the other hand, the senior homes, housing other people from a similar age group present a chance for all of them to interact amongst a homogenous group and pass time easily without getting lonely or depressed.

Myth 4 – Sitting around all day, I’ll become too dependent on staff

On the contrary, the senior living facilities make an aging individual feel liberated and less dependent. They infuse a renewed sense of confidence and independence, the exact way it was during their early years of life.

After spending the entire course of life juggling through the different responsibilities, these homes finally offer a chance to live life, the way they want to, without any kind of adjustments or compromises. The idea is all about having a good time by pursuing hobbies and interests and finding oneself again.

Actually, senior citizen homes are typically private flats surrounded by others in which senior individuals live independently, or with their spouse. There’s always an option to form groups with neighbors, pursue activities of interest and go out any time. The environment is not one that encourages dependence on the staff or other family members or just sitting idle all day. Instead, it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Staff is, of course, available and can be called upon promptly during an emergency situation.

Myth 5 – These homes are too expensive to make any sense

While this may be true for premium locations and the most exotic senior citizen homes, it is not particularly the norm. There are a lot of budget-friendly options available as well. Prices typically depend on the area, the builder and the level of facilities one chooses to opt for. So, lack of access to these homes on account of financial reasons is not really a problem as such.

Myth 6 – I won’t be able to see my loved ones frequently

Living in a senior citizen home does not mean that the person has to live an isolated existence or end up getting distanced from friends or family.

While these homes do offer a renewed style of independent living, the option to meet and spend quality time with those who matter is always there. Most people residing in these homes typically meet with their friends or family over the weekends, when everyone is free. So the social interaction with loved ones doesn’t get impacted in a negative way.

Myth 7 – Senior living vs old age homes

Finally, in addition to all of the above, it is pertinent to also realize that even though the terms – senior living homes and old age homes are synonymously used in India, they are substantially different. While old age homes form a meaningful living solution for those with limited means or not having the support of family to take care of them, senior living arrangements are more about making a choice around independence.

Senior living facilities resemble one’s home completely and are equipped with all kinds of facilities and infrastructure for a specific age group to have an enjoyable time. They’re designed to empower people with an opportunity to be independent, relive their youth and actively engage with a similarly aged community. They encourage fitness and well being of their residents and regularly organize activities that they can engage in to discover new interests or reinitiate those that somehow got lost in the process of carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

If you actually go on to inquire from the residents of senior citizen homes, they’re sure to tell you stories about how their health and happiness quotient improved after embracing this choice towards independence.

The truth is that spending one’s retired life in senior citizen homes can be a blessing that actually glorifies the beauty of aging. It presents an opportunity to be independent, active and live a regret free life. Being surrounded around a similar age group offers a chance to lead a happy social existence, as against feeling lonely and bored at home with little to do. Hence, instead of clouding one’s vision and believing in myths that have little truth to them, it’s always better to see the sunshine as it is.

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