Buying a Home suitable for your Kids

House hunting is no easy task, especially when you are a parent. With kids, the requirements from home broaden. It is important to involve your kids in house hunting if they’re grown up enough. If not, make sure to keep certain things in mind that can affect the growth and development of children.


Here’s what you should do as a parent while searching for a house –

  • Location –

The location of your house should be something on the top of your priority list. Location matters a lot. In a sense, location decides which schools your children will go to, what sports they will play, what extracurriculars they will participate in, etc.

  • Local schools –

Make sure to check on the quality of the nearby schools and colleges. It is necessary to have good schools in close proximity to facilitate commute and reduce the traveling time.

  • Involve Children –

Always involve your children in the house hunt. Ask them what they require in their new house and try to implement that. Often children would want a certain sport or a certain activity accessible to them. You can even take your children on a house hunt.

  • Size and Layout –

Decide about the size and layout of your new house according to your budget. Do this to not burn your pockets while looking for more and more facilities. Moreover, if you have a certain size and layout in mind, it will be easier to narrow down the desired properties.

  • Safety –

Make sure that the house you finally pick is safe for children. For example, a house on a quieter street is better than one on the main road. CCTV surveillance and/or security guards are additional amenities to watch out for.

  • Neighborhood –

Neighborhood matters a lot for growing children. It will decide what people your children will hang out with and what their friends will be like. Make sure you choose a good neighborhood that is both safe and welcoming.

  • Vicinity of recreational activities –

Recreational activities are an important part of children’s lives. No parents want their children to be stuck on screens all day. Hence, sports, music, dance, drama, etc. facilities are much desirable in or around the housing premises.


All of the above-mentioned parameters are crucial when searching for a house for kids. It’s not only the school that helps children learn and grow. Children spend almost a quarter of their day at school. The rest of the day is spent at home, playing with friends, doing extracurricular activities, etc.


In the absence of either a good neighborhood, sports facilities, recreational activities, children, as well as parents’ last hope is either smartphones or PCs. It is true that the internet is a plethora of opportunities, and a lot of productive work can be done through it. But for growing children, it is more of a bane than a boon.


Screentime affects children’s eyesight from an early age. Moreover, exposure to unwanted content on the internet can be harmful as well. Hence, as parents, we should discourage the use of gadgets and give our children some alternatives. This can only be achieved in a good house, with a good location and various other required amenities.


Kid Centric Homes


Kid Centric Homes are housing societies developed keeping in mind the overall growth and development of children. Simply put, Kid Centric Homes are just housing societies with an added layer of facilities and activities revolving around the nurturing of growing children.


Kid Centric Homes are slowly getting popular in the country. The idea of community living is being pushed through KCHs. Community living is nothing but people of a neighborhood living as an extended family.


A good community is important as neighbors are said to be the first family. In a good community, your child will bloom and will grow up to be a responsible citizen. That’s what a KCH provides.


However, that’s not all. In addition to providing and promoting community living, Ashiana’s Kid Centric Homes stand well on all the aforementioned parameters.

The Location of all our projects is prime and in close proximity to famous and reputed schools. This not only reduces the travel time but also lets grown-up children be independent and reach school by themselves.


The Size and Layout of all our KCH projects are well kept ensuring the perfect balance between providing privacy and not feeling cluttered. All our housing projects consist of well-architectured buildings with ample lush green exteriors.


Safety and Security are our topmost concerns. All of Ashiana’s Kid Centric Homes are gated complexes with a single entrance. Moreover, 24×7 security is there, thanks to our security guards and CCTV surveillance all around the campus.


At Ashiana, we celebrate various festivals together as a community. Our various activities bring neighbors together and they go from neighbors to friends in no time.


Sports and Extracurriculars are a must at Ashiana. In our Kid Centric Homes, we have numerous sports facilities and extracurricular activities – all on the campus. Your child won’t have to leave the campus for possibly anything. Our KCHs provide various types of classes – be it dance class, singing class, painting class, cricket coaching, etc.


All our KCHs are lined up with a Swimming pool, gymnasium, cricket pitch (with net), basketball court, badminton court, clubhouse, skating rink, cafeteria, walking and jogging tracks, etc.




Kid Centric Homes are literally the one-stop shop if you’re looking for a suitable house where your kids can learn and grow. With numerous facilities, and activities, Kid Centric Homes ensure that children have fun and learn at the same time. KCHs not only inculcate values in children but also teach them to be independent and social from the very beginning.


We strongly believe that KCHs shape children to be the successful and responsible children of tomorrow.


Explore Ashiana’s Kid Centric Homes here!

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